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Scalp acne – A very irritating hair disorder

Posted May 19 2010 12:00am

All of us want to present our best personality to the world and we attempt to take care of our body and hair through the best of creams, lotions, a balanced diet and physical exercise. However, there are times when despite all the care and precautions taken; you can develop a condition called scalp acne. This is a condition which is a mild disorder and does occur more frequently than many people think it does. In fact most people who are aware and conversant with common acne that breaks out on the face, arms, back and chest are sometimes even unaware that the head too can become its target. It is also possible that the breakout appears only on the head and other parts of the body remain unaffected. This also leads to confusion and the person affected feels quite frustrated as to what could be the cause.

The condition of scalp acne is usually triggered when the person is under severe stress. It can also develop when the scalp is oilier than usual and when the scalp is not washed as often as it should. Certain hair care products also contribute to this condition due to the oil content present in them.

This condition can lead to a lot of itchiness and some pustules can then form on the scalp. They may also appear at the forehead. A more severe form of scalp acne could lead to the formation of much larger pustules that leave behind scars. Yet another form of this condition that mainly affects African-Americans leads to a combination of both small and big pustules.

So what can be the treatment for this irritating condition?

The milder forms of can be treated and is normally treated like you would treat acne. It means keeping the area that is affected clean and dry by using medication consisting salicylic acid. The application needs to be done using cotton wool for better penetration and not by naked fingers.

Since in most cases, it is the oily condition of hair that causes this disorder, specially formulated hair shampoo products that can control the excess production of sebaceous glands have been found to be quite successful. As a general rule, since most of us use various types of hair conditioners and shampoos, it would be advisable to check out their constituents and only then use them, you can end seborrheic with lots of product like scalp seborrheic dermatitis

Treatment of this condition, however moderate or severe should not be attempted on your own and you must consult a good dermatologist. It is thus better to avoid over the counter products that claim to treat the condition of scalp acne just like normal acne as they might lead to more complications. This condition is different from normal acne and it is advisable to go only by the doctor’s advice and instructions. These could be a combination of making some lifestyle changes, some modifications in the diet as well as use of specially formulated hair products. Adhering to these instructions is the only way to cure this condition.

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