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Saving Every Day

Posted May 03 2012 10:19pm

save money Saving Every Day

Being right out of college I found it somewhat difficult to pick and choose what I absolutely NEEDED to spend my are earned money on and what I could live without. I used to shop ALL OF THE TIME. Literally.  Here is how I came to learn the value of a dollar, and where to spend it – where to save it.

My first trip to the grocery store to purchase all of my own food was a rude awakening.  I went to Wegmans.  Around me, this is probably the most expensive grocery store unless you’re buying food in bulk.  I don’t know about you, but the only things I actually purchase in bulk – or think are with it to purchase in bulk – are frozen goods and Clif protein bars .

I go to a local Weis market and get everything I need to eat for a week.  I will usually only buy 2 vegetables, that will last all week, and maybe 3 types of fruit.  One protein – like seafood or chicken will last me the week.  Purchasing a few Chobani Greek yogurts – usually on sale with a club card – significantly reduces how much I spend on food daily.  These come to less than $2.00 each!  I also save through looking for specials on oatmeal for breakfast icon smile Saving Every Day .

When I began my first full-time job out of college about 9 months ago, I wanted to purchase a gym membership to attend classes and motivate myself.  I hadn’t had one in years since I had free admission at my college’s fitness center.  I save money every day because I DON’T have a gym membership.  Yes, it takes more self-discipline to get up in the morning, but I can get the body and definition I want without any equipment, so why pay $200 for 3 months access to a gym?  There are other ways you can save money every single day, but these are the most noticeable expenses that are now missing from my bank account icon smile Saving Every Day .  Here are some helpful links to get you started saving!

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