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Save Yourself from the Perils of A Stroke

Posted Nov 02 2012 5:07am
A stroke can take place when the blood supply to brain is cut off and leads to brain damage and possibly death.

The risk factors for the brain stroke are high blood pressure indulging in vices such as smoking or uncontrolled drinking, diabetes, advanced age, genetic, high blood cholesterol, obesity, and a life style which is highly sedentary in nature, Some telltale signs of the brain stroke are- blurred vision in one eye or both the eyes, having difficulty in speaking or understanding or development of loss of balance or co ordination, sudden severe headache, with unknown cause, sudden numbness or weakness on the face, arm or leg, specifically on one side of the body.Symptoms of stroke

To protect yourself from brain stroke it is imperative to go for regular medical tests to avoid complications at the later stage.

One must have regular checks up which include testing your blood pressure as well as blood glucose levels along with  lipid profile, ECG tests, and stress test.

To reduce the risk of brain stroke it is important to take prescribed medication on time, exercise regularly as this keeps the flow of blood normal, have a nutritious low fat diet, which reduces the excess calories and salts in our body. Trying to be happy and in harmony are some of the best ways to prevent a stroke and so one must be able to maintain a peaceful continence and remain stress free.

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