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Save Your Own Life Or Advice To America

Posted Jan 26 2009 4:36pm

Dear Fellow Americans,

Oh, how I love you so.  Such indomitable spirits and determination.  We’ve done so much in this country that couldn’t be done elsewhere in the world.  We are always questing, questing, questing…

until we’re home for the day, that is.  Then it’s all chips, soda, snack foods, convenience foods, etc. all eaten in front of that ever entertaining source of blue light… the television.

I know your life is none of my business.  I know I am not my brother’s keeper.  But still I feel compelled to shake you awake so that you at least have the opportunity to decide to save your own life.

So here, my good friend, are some shooting-straight-from-the-hip suggestions I hope you will take in the spirit of love from which I extended them.  I mean not to berate you, but to speakly frankly enough that you can hear me above the bullshit that is blasted at us every day.

  • Cut your portions back.  You’re not going to die.  Stop super-sizing and stop complaining when you get only a “reasonable” sized portion in a restaurant.  I know many of you feel that if your plate isn’t stacked high, then you didn’t get a good value for your dining dollars.  Being fat, sick and unhealthy is NOT a good value at any price.  Learn to be happier with smaller portions.  A reasonable portion in a restaurant is very worth the money because your health is worth every dime you spend.  In fact, a reasonable portion (or smaller) in a restaurant actually has an ROI (return on investment) which a large sized portion does not.  A large portion takes more from you than it gives you.  A smaller portion gives you enough without any extra you need to whittle off your ass later.
  • Stop buying premade food.  Yes, you’ll have (to learn) to cook or join the raw food revolution.  When you buy a food at the grocery store, think of it this way: Is what you’re buying found in nature?  For instance, nature makes cow, chicken, piggies, wheat, apples, potatoes, etc.  Nature does not make Hillshire Farms nor does it make “summer sausage”.  Eat food with an origin close to nature - as close as you can.  The more hands that have touched it, the less you want it.  In other words, you want food that has been processed as little as possible.  Does nature make pie?  No, but if you’re going to eat pie, make it yourself, so you can control what goes in it.
  • Move or die.  Believe me when I say convenience kills and I’m not the only one who knows this.  Know who else knows?  The people who make the convenience foods.  There is nothing in our DNA that prepares us for convenience foods.  We were designed for feast or famine.  We were designed to walk many miles in a day, hunt our food, run from predators, scavenge berries and such, climb over obstacles (or hide in them), etc.  Nowadays we complain about the trip to the microwave to heat our Lean Cuisine or other instant meal.  In no way were you engineered NOT to work for your food.  The less you work for your food, the closer you are to death and the whole prescription drug machine.  You act like I’m kidding you.  I’m not kidding you - get off your ass or die in your chair!  It’s urgent.
  • Stop believing the food industry, the diet industry, the prescription drug industry, and the FDA are all looking out for you.  They aren’t.  They’re looking out for their pockets.  Your life, and its quality and/or longevity, doesn’t matter to them.  Let me repeat… your life doesn’t matter to them.
  • Stop opting for a pill instead of common sense.  There’s someone out there craftier than you who knows our propensity for choosing the “no work” way over just about anything else.  While this is killing you, it’s making them rich.  Is that really how you want this whole game to play out?  Did you ever want to be fat and diseased when you grew up?  I don’t think so.  Did you ever say, “I want to carmelize like a banana when I grow up!”  I know you didn’t.
  • Take responsibility for yourself and the choices you’ve made so far.  No one’s made you eat and drink all that food or watch all that television.  That’s a choice you make every day even if you aren’t making it proactively.  A passive decision is still a decision and you will still have to bear the outcome.  Have you seen the outcomes people are bearing with their bodies these days?  Do you want to end like that?  It’s easy to sit here now and think the end is far away and that it won’t be anything like that for you.  Well, it’s easy until that fateful visit to the doctor anyway and then there’s entire years of dietary transgressions you wish you could take back and can’t.

It’s not my goal to give you shit about your life.  If you have the fire left in you to get mad about the things in this article and take your life back, then I want you to do it.  Please, please, please… every body save themselves.  No one else is going to save you.

Do you realize what you are to the people that profit from you every day? Corporate America, Big Pharma, the food industry, the diet industry… You’re a battery.  A dollar producing battery and when your usefulness is done, you’ll be indoctrinated into the prescription drug machine and then your primary care physician will manage you to death.  Think about it.

Does this sound at all like you?  You get up in the morning, maybe have a little breakfast, rush to work in rush hour traffic, stressing the whole way about whether you’ll get there in time, then you get to work and work some while talking to coworkers about whatever was on tv last night, or how sick you are, etc., then you eat a crappy lunch, work some more, drive home in rush hour traffic, get home and have a less than stellar dinner in front of the television, snack on a bunch of crap, then go to bed tired and unsatisfied, only to get up in the morning and DO IT ALL AGAIN.  Then on the weekend you try to get as many household chores done as possible because you’re just too tired during the week, but you want to have some fun too.  The ultra short weekend is gone and already Monday is here and you DO IT ALL AGAIN.

Are there just a few things off?  Is it all off?  Is it dead on?  Did I miss a couple of things?  Oh yah, like the fact that you don’t really have sex all that much because your hormones make you feel horrible in addition to the fact you feel bloated and horrible much of the time?  Or did I leave out the alcoholic beverages?  Or how your treadmill serves as an extention of the closet?  Yeah.

Do you ever wonder why there are so many fat people today?  Or why most everyone you know is on at least one kind of prescription drug?  Or why so many people are depressed, OCD, bipolar, etc.?  Do you ever wonder who in your government or society is benefitting from having a nation fat, sick, unhappy people?  Do you ever wonder if perhaps your discontent combined with apathy has been engineered?  No?  Maybe you should.

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