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Saturdays are for Sleeping In

Posted Nov 03 2012 10:19am

Hello Friends!  Happy Saturday! 

Today was the first day in a long time that I didn’t have to wake up to an alarm.  It felt amazing last night to just climb in bed knowing that I could sleep until I naturally woke up.  However…my natural wake up time?  6am.  Awesome.  I actually forced myself to close my eyes and try to get more sleep, which worked.  I got another two hours in before waking up around 8.  It felt great! 

The past week has been pretty not-exciting, to say the least.  I have been very under the weather since Sunday night and have been moving through my week like a zombie.  I missed some work and had to give away some of my Jazzercise classes.  I was totally wiped out and most of my nights were spent sleeping under blankets on my couch.  I felt so unproductive the entire week but I knew that my body needed rest and it would appreciate the down time things usually move non-stop around here.

(the pups are never far away when there is cuddling to be done on the couch)

With that said, I’m feeling much better and am back to my old self! 

When I finally rolled out of bed this morning, I headed to the kitchen to make myself breakfast, which I haven’t done in forever!  Between teaching early Jazzercise classes and packing my weekends, I haven’t had a morning to myself in a long time. 


Eggs over-easy, wheat toast, a banana, an apple, and a glob of peanut butter to go along.  Delicious and filling!

I’m excited to actually get dressed and leave the house today without feeling like death!  Okay.  That might be a little dramatic but I definitely have cabin fever.  I am meeting my friend, Katelyn, for lunch this afternoon and then I’m hoping to get in a workout.  I haven’t been out running in forever and I would like to get out a do a couple of miles.  It’s a little snowy here today but I’m actually looking forward to a short chilly run.

I hope you all enjoy your Saturday!

Any plans for the weekend?
What does your workout look like for the day?

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