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Saturday Night’s Alright (For Eating)

Posted Aug 01 2010 11:37pm

Oh, what a delicious weekend. Saturday afternoon, I met with my Mom at her gym (she snagged a guest pass for me) and completed my first indoor workout since I moved back to California. I ran/walked for 45 minutes on the treadmill, constantly altering my incline and speed. Followed by 15 minutes of weights, I was a sweaty beast and ready for lunch. Mom and I decided to have lunch here:

Though I Now Live In California, I Can Still Eat Like I'm Living In New York On Occasion.

The mustard selection was certainly enough to appease my condiment cravings:

Given that most of the sandwiches served at Sam’s are gargantuan enough to feed a small African country, I went with the half-sandwich/soup combo:

Smoked Turkey Sandwich on Whole Wheat Bread (I Added A Hefty Dose of Honey Mustard) With Cole Slaw (I Didn't Touch It, Not a Fan of the Slaw), Served With Cup of Unbelievably Creamy Clam Chowder

Even though I omitted ordering a whole sandwich, that didn’t stop me from having a bite of my Mom’s behemoth of a Monte Cristo:

Deep Fried Bread, Ham, Cheddar, Topped With Powdered Sugar

There are no words to describe how disgustingly delicious this mega-sized sandwich was, not to mention the nice touch of a little jelly I slathered on my bite. However, after said bite I couldn’t eat any more. It was way too rich and dense for my stomach to comprehend.

Dinner that night was eaten with my Dad and brother at a quaint little restaurant at the Monte Vista Inn , a place frequented by Tahoe’s ski bunnies in the winter months.

I started with a lovely salad that had the most amazing dressing, a spicy bleu cheese vinaigrette:

There may or may not have been a slice of unpictured fresh, fluffy, and buttered bread inhaled gently nibbled upon before my salad arrived.

For my main course, I ordered the salmon which was poached, topped with baby shrimp and an incredibly rich and creamy sauce. Sides included rice pilaf and mixed steamed veggies:

The salmon was absolute perfection, and while I found the rice pilaf tasty…they could’ve lightened up on the salt a bit. All in all, though, it was a great meal in a very quaint and pleasant setting.

Sunday morning was all about the sweet and savory combination:

Breakfast Quesadilla: Multi-Grain Tortilla Filled With Almond Butter, Cinnamon, Preserves, Banana, Sunny Side Up Egg On The Side.

I think these AB&J quesadillas are the best breakfast discovery I’ve come across since Oats In a Jar (OIAJ) . I can assure you these quesadillas will be making frequent appearances on the blog in the future.

I wanted to make something completely different from my standard dinner recipes tonight, so on a whim I plucked an ancient and stained edition of “The Joy Of Cooking” off a kitchen bookshelf and started skimming through recipes:

This Particular Edition Is Older Than I Am.


Since I can’t exactly share the recipe with you all, let me just allude to it with this montage:

Any Recipe That Involves That Much Butter Is a Keeper, Wasitline Be Damned.

Chicken Pieces Swimming and Browning Themselves In A Pool Of Buttery Goodness.

The finished product:

I’m going to have to toot my own horn and say that I pulled this recipe off, despite never making jambalaya before. It was a cross between diced ham and chorizo sausage to mix with the chicken, but a lack of chorizo sausage options at the grocery store made the decision to go with ham an easy one. It ended up being a good one, because the ham added a ton of salty, succulent flavor to the dish.

Of course there was British dessert after my New Orleans inspired dinner: Just kidding, that was a gag gift my brother picked up at the grocery store. He’s also the proud owner of a can of “Spotted Dick,” which is prominently displayed on his kitchen counter:

(Source )

I love a lot of British things including but not limited to: The Beatles, Monty Python, Ricky Gervais, etc. However, some of their desserts perplex and disturb me to degrees I didn’t know existed.

And with that, I bid you all adieu. Hope your weekend was wonderful! Also, don’t forget to enter my TERRA Chips giveaway - I’ll be choosing a winner tomorrow evening!

What’s the strangest foreign or ethnic food you’ve come across or tried?

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