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Saturday Long Run, Movie Date and Future Margarita's!

Posted Jan 23 2010 8:29am
I don't really like to make desserts, like the key lime pie or quicky cookies, b/c I tend to eat them all. Usually standing in front of the sink using a shovel like motion.  I have no willpower, zip. I can get out there and run forever and overcome the mental delusions that make you want to stop 3 hours in, but I cannot walk past a brownie without inhaling it. It's something I work on. I am finally getting to a point where I am getting a little self control.  But I think I came up with a good idea.  From now on I will do all my goody baking on Friday. Why?  Because on Saturday morning I meet people to run and this morning I greeted my friends with key lime pie!  So, I can eat a little myself and then pack the rest up to give to friends.  Good stuff.

I met my 2 friends Michelle and Katie for a nice 8 mile run at North Chagrin Reservation today.  The trails were icy and I wasn't looking for a repeat of last weekend, so we stuck to the paved path.  We did man up and go down a really giant hill (down to wilson mills for those of you from around here) that we usually avoid and then hauled our booty's back up it.  It was a great run. One of those that feels like you could just keep going. My muscles are really burning today b/c I made it to Urban Iron class yesterday (weight lifting) and I hadn't been for awhile. I kept the weights light for the squats and lunges but my quads are still all burned up, as are my biceps.  But truth be told, I really enjoy that feeling!  It's the sadist in my I guess.

Look what I got in the mail this week!

Don't these look fun!  They are from the Frozen Slushie company out of Cleveland.  Everything you need, minus the alcohol is in the bag!  I am not a huge drinker, but I love margaritas.  Gary however doesn't love margaritas b/c once I had a few and threw a fork at his head in a restaurant.  Ummm yeah, tequila makes me very angry, so I usually avoid it   But these are so cute that when it gets warmer out I plan to have a frozen drink party and invite some girlfriends over!   I think that these would make a really good gift for a bachelorette party or bridal shower, don't you?  Which drink would you want to try?  The frozen vino sounds interesting.

I am already planning  the awesome party it in my head!  Fun will be had by all!  You're all invited

The husband and I are heading to his mom's house today to drop of Harper, then we are heading to the movies to see Sherlock Holmes. I've heard mixed reviews, my sister didn't like it, my good friend Sara loved it.  So, we shall see.  It will be nice to look at Robert Downey Jr for 2 hours regardless.
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