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Santa’s Little Helper: Koss Headphones Review

Posted Dec 09 2013 9:31am

Hi friends!!!

I’ve been gone all week driving around the country for interviews and I’m finally home!  (Until Thursday, then I leave again…)

I was in Columbus Ohio on Wednesday, St. Louis on Thursday, Chicago on Friday, and Indiana for my home interview on Saturday!  Crazy right?

I only had one day in between taking my boards and leaving for my 4-interviews-in-4-days experience, so I wanted to jam pack everything into that day: packing, sleeping, working out, you know.  Another thing I made time for was to volunteer with Kyle.   Fletcher place  is a community center in Indianapolis and hosts a Christmas market every year.

Churches from around the city donate brand new items for Fletcher Place to set up as a holiday store.  Local families in need can go “shopping” for free at the market and pick up all the Christmas presents they need for their families.  It’s a really amazing thing!


Kyle and I volunteered to help set up the holiday market.  There were boxes and boxes of items that needed to have price tags removed and then be set up on shelves and hangers for the store to display.


We had so much fun helping!  I felt like Santa’s little helper ;-)


Since I was traveling so much this week, I had zero time for working out.  Kyle volunteered to drive with me from Columbus to St. Louis to Chicago to Indiana.  We drove for about 20 hours in a 3 day span!  I knew I wouldn’t be able to work out for those days, so on Tuesday before all the traveling began, I made sure to get in a good workout.

What made my workout even better was my new Koss headphones from a Fitfluential campaign!


I am always searching for good headphones, generally without much luck.  My iphone headphones really hurt my ears.  I have a pair of wireless headphones but I hate having to charge them and I always lose them!


I was excited to see that these Koss headphones are super light-weight and the ear buds are squishy.  I had a feeling they would be comfortable in my ears.  They also come with multiple sizes for the ear-buds in case you have mini ears like me.


The first ones I tried were the fitclips because I LOVE the aqua color.

But alas, my ears are too small for these!  They kept popping off!!!  I was so sad.


I made Kyle try them on to see if a normal person could wear them, and he loved them.  He said they are super comfortable and clip around your ear so they feel very secure.


I guess I will have to give these away as a Christmas gift!!!

Luckily, the hot orange fitbuds fit my ears perfectly.  I wore them to the gym that night for an hour of sweating on the elliptical and they didn’t budge.  Also, when I took them out of my ears, I didn’t have that achy feeling that I get with my iphone headphones.


I give these 4 stars!!

If you’re looking for a stocking stuffer or gift for the fitness enthusiast in your life, these are the perfect headphones.


Have you volunteered this holiday season?

Do you have a favorite type of headphones?  


**Disclaimer:  This post is part of a sponsored campaign through Fitfluential.  I received 2 pairs of Koss headphones.  All opinions are my own :-)

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