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Sanjay Gupta as next Surgeon General

Posted Jan 08 2009 4:20pm

By now we have all heard the news: President-Elect Obama is considering Atlanta neurosurgeon and CNN commentator Sanjay Gupta as Surgeon General.

Here's what people are saying about the possible appointment.

Time Magazine (where Gupta is a commentator) thinks he is perfect for the job because he is already an expert at clearly communicating health concerns to the public--the most important aspect of the job.

Jacob Goldstein of the Wall Street Journal agrees for the same reason, saying "There’s a certain logic to picking a TV talking head to be surgeon general, because the surgeon general is largely a talking head."

New York Times commentator Paul Krugman does not think the appointment is a good idea . Krugman's objection is based on an incident in which Gupta told Michael Moore he "fudged his facts" in the movie "Sicko." As it turns out, CNN was in error and Moore was correct on some points.

On the other end of the political spectrum, Newsbusters also opposes the pick because during the presidential campaign, Gupta pointed out that John McCain's released medical records made no mention of his "mental health," or the possibility of "post-traumatic stress disorder" or 'substance abuse."

Get to know Gupta yourself by perusing his CNN blog, Paging Dr. Gupta.

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