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San Francisco days, San Francisco nights

Posted Jan 30 2011 10:14pm

Hello and happy Sunday to you all! I hope you’ve been having a fun, relaxing weekend. I have had to work a few Sundays in January, and the extra work really caught up with me. By the end of the day on Friday, I was exhausted and in need of some rest and relaxation! Unfortunately, I have very few pictures to share from my weekend endeavors, but please imagine lots of delicious food, beautiful San Francisco scenery, and Michael C. Hall (sometimes with blood on his face) . That’s about it.

My weekend got off to a great start on Friday night with dinner at a new-to-me restaurant called Paul K . January is Dine About Town month in San Francisco, so when some of our friends proposed an evening out at a shmancy restaurant we happily accepted! We met up with our fabulous dining companions, Jessica and Alex, at Paul K, and spent the next few hours enjoying a fabulous meal. The food was delicious, the company was spectacular, and we all had a great time. For dinner, I enjoyed the vegetarian mezza plate to start (pickled veggies, hummus, etc.) and the seafood stew with kale and white beans for my entree. It was a really fun evening overall, and I hope to visit Paul K again sometime soon!

On Saturday morning, I didn’t set my alarm, and I rolled out of bed around 10:00. I haven’t slept that late in weeks–I guess my body really needed the extra sleep! I had a long run planned (10-12 miles) in preparation for my half marathon next week, but I was feeling unmotivated. I texted my friend Jessica, who is also running the half, and we hatched a plan to go for our long run together. I ran 3 miles over to her apartment, and from there we ran through the Presidio and out to the Coastal Trail, one of my favorite running and hiking spots in San Francisco. It was so wonderful to have a running buddy, and I had a blast chatting with Jessica. After about 6 miles of running together, Jessica turned around to head back home, and I finished my run in the opposite direction. Just before she left, I realized that I would probably end my run right around the 13-mile mark. That was a bit more than I was planning, but after taking a Vanilla Bean Gu and having a few sips of water I felt ready to go! I finished up my accidental half marathon in exactly two hours. It was such a fun, unexpected way to start my day, and it made me feel confident and ready for my race next weekend!

View from the Coastal Trail

View of the Presidio

I came home freezing and soaking wet (it rained for a while during the run), but feeling very accomplished and happy. Even though I was tired and wet, I felt so much better than I did after my half marathon in October . I feel so much more aware now of what I need to be successful, comfortable, and happy on my long runs, and I’ve really learned so much about proper training–especially fueling and hydration–in the past few months. I still need to work on drinking more water when I run, but I’m moving in the right direction!

After a hot shower, I ate a delicious lunch and then relaxed for the next few hours. Later, J and I went out for dinner to one of our favorite restaurants, Marnee Thai , with another good friend. I enjoyed a broiled shrimp salad with some brown rice on the side. Despite the long run, I really wasn’t very hungry yesterday or today. I have been rehydrating like crazy, though, and I’m sure my appetite will kick in sooner or later. After a wonderful dinner, I headed home to bed.

J and I slept in again this morning and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast. I had a green smoothie for breakfast with one frozen banana + frozen strawberries/blueberries + 1/2 cup fat free milk + spinach + vanilla extract. I topped it with my gluten-free, high protein cereal. It was a perfect way to start the day. After breakfast, J and I visited our local Farmers Market, but the pickings were slim once again. We took home eggs, carrots, and asian pears. After putting our food away, we settled in for our big day of watching TV and relaxing! J and I don’t have a TV, so we do all of our TV and movie watching on our computers. Today, we decided to start a new-to-us series, “Dexter.” It was a bit more graphic and unsettling than we were expecting, but we both liked it a lot! We stopped after a few episodes to enjoy lunch (sauteed egg whites + sweet potato + roasted carrots and broccoli) and then watched one more before going out to do our food shopping for the week.

Tonight, we are having our typical Friday night on Sunday! On Friday nights we usually enjoy dinner and a movie together, so that’s what we’re doing tonight. Per usual, I’ll be making a big salad with lots of goodies, and J will enjoy his pesto pizza. We’re watching Monty Python’s “Life of Brian” tonight. I hope it’s a good one!

Everything-but-the-kitchen-sink salad!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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