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Salads – Packing on the Veggies

Posted Jan 19 2013 1:31pm

After the holidays, I felt the need to hit the restart button when it came to foods that I was eating.

Between Thanksgiving and New Years, I ate too many heavy foods during social gatherings. I ate too much sugar and I definitely did not have enough activity. It was cold and I promised myself that I would get back to my fitness routine when the new year starts.

I have been making a lot of effort to serve salad for dinner every night.  The salad is helping us make a fresh start in eating right again and starting over.

Here are some of the salads that we have been enjoying. I rotate them and try to match the dish I’m making for dinner.  I serve them on a huge shallow bowls that we got from IKEA.

- Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, red bell peppers, shredded carrots and bake peas from Trader Joe’s.  This is the salad I make for the hubby and he will eat it with his dinner entree (usually served with steamed/grilled veggies).


This is his current favorite salad dressing. I got it at Target. A little goes a long way and it adds a lot of flavor.


-Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, red bell peppers, corn and red beans seasoned with taco seasoning and a Laughing Cow light swiss cheese wedge ( a dollop of sour cream would be good too but I didn’t have any)


I used salsa as the dressing to complete the salad. Once you tossed all the ingredients, the cheese coats all the vegetables and it becomes creamy.


- I’m currently on a Greek salad kick. I can eat this salad every night and pack extras for lunch too. I love it and it taste so fresh. I chop all the ingredients on the weekends so I can just easily assemble everything.

Romaine lettuce, black olives, cucumber, tomatoes, red onions, feta cheese crumbles and avocado. I sometimes add chopped chicken if the salad is my main meal.


I dressed this salad with light Italian dressing or Brianna’s caesar dressing.

- Here’s a salad I’ve been enjoying at work. Spinach, purple kale, radicchio, shredded apple, mushrooms and feta cheese. I asked to have the raspberry vinaigrette on the side.


Similar salad but with candied walnuts and served with whole wheat grilled cheese.


- I also enjoyed this cucumber salad during the first week of January, we had a ton of leftovers from the New Year’s party.






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