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Safe Travel For Diabetic Patients

Posted Jul 23 2013 2:00am


A diabetic like any other normal person may have to travel for business, holiday or social duties, but being diabetic should not deter him from travelling, however he must take all the precautions while travelling and ensure that his sugar levels are well in control.

It is imperative that a diabetic should carry all his medical reports about his conditions and medication when he is travelling.

Travel Safely With DiabetesNormally a diabetic diet consists of foods like fruits, eggs, fish, meat, bread, vegetables, and pulses and hence it is not difficult to find these foods while travelling, but dishes of unknown composition, sweets, canned fruits with sugar, should be avoided by diabetics while travelling and the consumption of your foods should be in moderation.

A diabetic may not be able to have his usual meals due to motion sickness and in that case he should have his usual carbohydrate allowance in liquid form.

A syringe for insulin, needles, small bottle containing spirit and cotton should be carried in a compact case during traveling and insulin must be carried of the same strength which is normally used by you.

Travelling with Diabetic Tool KitPlease be advised that Insulin should not be injected unless the meal is in sight during travels or a diabetic should always carry with him a handy supply of carbohydrates like biscuits, bread slices, a fruit or candy so that he does not face the risk of hypoglycaemia, in case he does not get meals on time during his travels.

As brand names of drugs vary from country to country, a diabetic when travelling abroad should familiarize himself with official names of the drugs he needs to take for his as total omission of drugs or insulin can be a life threatening situation for a diabetic.

Medical science has advanced and is making life simpler for the diabetics so that travel soon becomes a cake walk for people suffering from diabetes.


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