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safe ear wax removal for a 10 yr old

Posted by Pixie

For the past week, my 10 yr old daughter has been complaining of a "blocked" feeling in both ears but more so in one ear in particular.  I have used ear wax removal drops for the past 2 days at half the recommended dosage just once a day with good results.  Small hard pieces of wax came out of the worst ear and loose wax from the other.

How long can I safely continue this process?  She is still saying her ears feel blocked so I am not sure if we just need to continue this for a couple more days first and then see if she feels better or if I should stop.  She has no pain associated with the blockage. 

She suffers from allergies and had slight congestion two weeks ago so again not certain if there are other factors playing a part in this problem.  She is overall a healthy child.

Your advice is appreciated.

Thank you.


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