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Sacred Places

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:04pm


Please note I will be taking some time to rejuvenate over the next few days.  The following is a re-post from May 2007. Hope you enjoy,  looking forward to reconnecting next week.

Is one place more sacred than another? Most of us perceive places of worship, such as churches, synagogues, mosques and temples as places that are more sacred then other places in this world. Depending on our religious beliefs we may also view certain geographical locations in this world as more sacred then others. Because we view certain places more sacred than others, we tend to alter our thoughts and behavior in what we perceive as sacred places.

What makes one place more sacred than another place? Is a divine spirit more present in a place of worship than in the middle of a forest, in the line of a soup kitchen or on the pediatric ward of a hospital?  One thought could be that it boils down to group consciousness, that is, because a group of people gather in a place which is viewed as sacred where their respective thoughts and behavior change to reflect that  view then the collective consciousness creates an increased spiritual vibration which in turn increases the sacredness of a particular place.  This is not to say that a divine spirit, God, our source, whatever you prefer to refer to it as,  is in fact any more present in a particular place, however we feel a greater presence because of group consciousness.

If we believe that the spirit resides within us, that divinity is part of our being and that we are part of the divine, then would not all places be sacred? To me, what makes a place sacred is our state of being.

When I think of someone like Mother Theresa, I would be willing to bet that she saw everyplace as sacred and that she viewed some of the most impoverished places in this world as very sacred. In essence she made a place sacred by her consciousness, as did other spiritual masters, such as Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, Gandhi, the Dali Lama, etc.

Please understand I am not advocateing that we make places of worship any less sacred, what I am suggesting is that we need to realize that all places and people are sacred and think and act accordingly.

If we change our consciousness to view all places and people as sacred, imagine the implications, imagine the impact that would have on your day to day life. How would this change you and the world in which you inhabit?

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