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Sabotaging Results

Posted Jun 07 2011 11:12am

I love Summer and all things associated with the warmer season months. I love being outside, going to festivals, taking beach trips or any trip involving water, I love eating at restaurants on the patio, and most of all I love Summer fruit!(I know it’s technically Spring until the 21st, but here in Atlanta it’s been Summer for a few weeks, so just go with it)
After our morning run Travis cut up some watermelon he picked up this weekend. I was SUPER excited! After having oats everyday for the past week I needed a change.

Summer Fruit

I added some blueberries and toasted English muffin, 1/2 just butter and 1/2 PB and cinnamon! It was just what I needed to get my morning started.
During breakfast I was reading an article about mistakes we make that sabotage our workouts and that really spoke to me. I am pretty good about eating the right portion sizes, not eating junk or processed foods, staying away from sports drinks and sticking with water enhanced with electrolytes , etc, but some of what the article said I had never thought about.
Mistakes that sabotage your workout:(tips adapted from SHAPE article)
  • Exercising on an Empty Stomach- When you workout your body burns carbs and fat. It’s not possible to burn pure body fat so your body is forced to break down muscle to convert to blood sugar. If you skip a meal you eat away at your own muscle instead of building it. Instead: have some fruit, handful of almonds, or a small unsweetened smoothie.
  • Not Eating Enough “Good” Fat- Every cell in our body is made of fat, so we need it to heal and repair after workouts. Without “good” fats we can stay sore and fail to see improvements. Instead: add extra virgin olive oil, flax, avocados, and/or some almonds to more of your meals.
  • Believing the Afterburn Myth- After workouts you can burn more calories depending on the intensity of your routine. Most women, however, only burn an additional 50 calories. Not exactly enough to justify the side of queso I usually order after a really good hot yoga class, CRAP! Instead: add about half the calories you burn. If you burn 500 calories in your workout you can allow yourself to have some sliced strawberries with a handful of almonds and half cup of greek yogurt.
I am so bad about rationalizing ice cream after running, but forgetting to modify the rest of my day. It’s easy to get frustrated if you aren’t careful about your intake.
Try writing an honest food journal for yourself. If nobody else sees it you are more than likely to be honest. Or if you have a friend or someone you trust share the journal with them so they can help you with your goals!
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