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Posted Jan 11 2013 3:53pm

When I’m feeling uninspired, overwhelmed, or fearful, I S.T.O.P. and remember my favorite acronym:

Stillness Triggers Our Purpose.

What brings you an ever-present sense of stillness?

We can find stillness in every moment. Even in the most seemingly chaotic situations, we can take 10 seconds to breathe and be grateful. We often have this idea that life is supposed to be easy – but if it was meant to be easy, how could we grow? We couldn’t. Setbacks are not setbacks – they are opportunities designed to propel us forward.

Think of those 10 seconds of stillness as a purpose-driven daydream or a mini (yet mighty!) mental recalibrator. The stillness is where we relocate our purpose. And at our very core, we all have the same purpose: to love others and to be loved in return; to live passionately; to find peace by living peaceFULLy.

When a fearful thought comes to my mind’s surface, instead of running from it, I feel it. Often times, when we notice an uncomfortable or unpleasant thought enter our minds, we label it as “bad” and our first instinct is resist it or revert our attention to something else. This urge to resist is the ego in action. If we resist the thought, it will only persist.

The more we resist our fears, the more we persist with fearful behaviors. The more we resist our anxiety and wish it away, the more we persist with feeling anxious. As Michael Eisen says,” You’ve gotta feel it to heal it!”

Yesterday, I was feeling really overwhelmed. I have so much going on and balancing it all can be a challenge. I witnessed the feeling of being overwhelmed and had a 1-minute S.T.O.P. session with myself. I then reminded myself that having all of this stuff going on is a blessing. I’m doing great things for great people and becoming a greater person because of it. Then, I pressed on and tackled the to-do list and forgave myself for whatever I couldn’t get to.

The next time you notice a fearful or anxious thought come in, take a deep breath, feel the feeling, and remember S.T.O.P. Have a little chat with yourself. For example, “I’m feeling really anxious about ____. I know this situation is not a setback and will propel me forward and make me stronger. How can I make this situation better?” Your answer might not come instantly but, if you trust the Universe, it will come through for you. I promise.

Stay lovely,

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