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Running towards Chocolate and Inspiration

Posted Nov 20 2012 9:44pm

Yesterday I got an email from the lovely people at Runner’s World.  They wanted to challenge me and some of my blogger friends to the second annual Runner’s World Run Streak 2012.

Challenge accepted (I was going to do it anyhow).  So there.

Most of us are guilty of indulging more around the holiday season than any other time during the year.  People’s well wishes often come with cookie tins and chocolates.  I accept them on the account that I am polite and I am hungry most of the time.  I definitely like to see those treats but I don’t like to see a change on the scale.  The Run Streak is a great way to stay motivated and keep that fat at bay.

I know I talked about it briefly before but I wanted to go into it a little more.  Here’s RW’s take on it:

One way to make your December training log entries look less like a string of binary code is to join our second annual Holiday Running Streak. Pledge to run at least one mile every day, from Thanksgiving (that’s Thursday, November 22) through New Year’s Day.

Often, you’ll find that once you get going, you want to go farther than a mile. Sometimes, you don’t, and those are your “rest days.” (In fact, it’s smart to take as many easy one-mile days each week as you’d ordinarily take rest days, to avoid overdoing it.)

Either way, you’ll get pulled in—you won’t want to break the streak, even if that means getting up super-early before a long car ride to squeeze in your mile. If you do this Streak, and do it smart, you’ll emerge from the holiday season unscathed, and maybe even fitter than you were before.

I want to challenge you my friends to the streak as well.  If you aren’t a runner. Walk a mile, elliptical a mile!  Moving is moving!

If you need a little inspiration to lace up those sneakers do yourself a favor and pick up My Life on the Run by Bart Yasso.  I have been reading it for the past week or so and I feel renewed and ready to run.

Photo Credit: Pavement Runner

This book is not only funny but it is a fascinating tale of how running can shape one person’s life and the adventures it lead you to.  It is a definite must read for anyone who needs a little spring in their step.

So are you guys up for the challenge?

I will be posting my miles everyday on twitter and on the bottom of my blog posts!

If want to talk more about the challenge and connect with others,  here is the group Runner’s World created . On twitter we are using the hashtag #RWRunStreak.  So lace up and get involved!

Question: How do you motivate yourself through the holidays?!

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