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Running Tips for Any Level

Posted Oct 28 2012 5:59pm

Where have I been you ask?  Moving.  Not physically but virtually!  I decided to move from to become self-hosted and it is a bit of a learning curve.  Hopefully this post will reach people, since I know some people could see my post about Altra and some couldn’t.  I was told to wait 72 hours before posting again.  Hopefully it has done the trick.

I am not computer savvy.

Anyways, on to the post!  Running.  My favorite part of running is that it has endless possibilities.  You can always run faster, longer, or further.  There is always a goal to reach towards and you can always improve yourself!  What could be better?!  Endless fun!

Through the years I have found that one of the most important things about running is form.  The proper form can help make you a faster and stronger runner but it can also help you run LONGER because it can help prevent injuries!

Golden Harper CEO of Altra Drop Zero ran a clinic I attended on improving your running.  The following are the top 4 tips he stressed!


I feel like all of these tips are perfect for a runner and seem quite simple. But be Warned:  It is HARD to fall out of bad habits.  So be prepared for a lengthy learning curve.

The only tip that I think might need more explanation is Number 4:180 steps per minute cadence.

In order to accomplish this, you want to make sure a single foot hits the ground around 30 times in 20 seconds.  This is not easy to do (unless you are naturally gifted with perfect stride. I am not.)  It definitely takes practice and can feel weird and a little silly.  But I am promised it works.  It is supposed to not only reduce injury but help optimize your energy which translates into PR’s distance and time wise.  The app iFit has a built in metronome that could be really useful in this quest!

While all this may take sometime to get right and become natural, it is something I am consciously working towards during my daily runs.  I have not perfected these tips yet but I am trying.   Take it slow and do your best to implement these rules into your own training.

The goal is to be runner for life and this is one more avenue to ensure this dream becomes a reality!

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