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Running Thoughts

Posted Mar 25 2011 4:41pm

Giveaway winner announced at the bottom.

I need to carry around a notepad at all times for random thoughts that pop into my head.

When I run, my thoughts flow so easily. It’s like a little switch turns on that causes a waterfall of thoughts. It’s amazing how it happens. Sometimes, these are serious thoughts, and it helps me think through a tough situation or decision. Other times, it’s just reflections. If I’m having a bad day or my mood is off, going for a run almost always helps.

Post-run smiles:

Most of the time, there are some random out-of-nowhere ideas, like imagining my cold legs turning into icicles. There’s always some food thoughts.

These thoughts help the miles pass by and help clear my mind, but I am still able to focus on my run. I stay entertained & motivated. Although I absolutely love being on a dirt road or trails fully immersed in nature, running on busy streets keeps me motivated.

I get excited when I see dogs, speed up when I see other runners (haha, every time), and I have this weird tendency to judge other runners’ form. It comes from my high school cross-country coach who made us do running form drills every practice. I still remember him popping out in the woods during a race telling us to “lower your arms, drive your knees.”

On other days, I just think about how lucky I am to be running and running outside. My city and state is seriously beautiful, and I am in awe every time, I run and see mountain or lake views. I live for those moments.

What I can’t think about while running is math-related things. My watch tells me how long I’ve been running, but when it comes to calculating pace or distance or adjusting my route, I just get so confused. I’m pretty good at math, but that part of my brain shuts down during running, and my creative side shines. I’m thinking a Garmin may help this.

When I do look at my watch to see how long I’ve gone, I think about how time seems to slow down while running. This isn’t a bad thing (unless I’m running the hill of death) because I love how a short 30 minute run can seem much longer than it is. Thirty minutes in my day isn’t long – I can read a bunch of blogs, watch a TV show, or make dinner, and it passes quickly then.

When I’m running, it’s like the rest of my day stops, and I get some uninterrupted me time. I don’t carry my phone, so no one can contact me. It’s just me, my ipod, and the road. Every minute is worth it, and I never feel like I’m wasting my time.

In my day, I’m doing so many things that it’s hard to focus completely on one task, and time speeds by so quickly. When I’m running, I love the me time, flowing thoughts, and focus. The endorphins that last for hours are great too.

I just wanted to share one of the many reasons why I truly love running. If you’re a runner, I hope you get an awesome run in this weekend! I’m planning on doing 8 miles tomorrow or Sunday, and I cannot wait for some crazy, fun thoughts to pop into my head!

I loved all the new commenters on my giveaway, and I hope some of you stick around! The winner of the Arbonne protein giveaway is:

Alyssa at Life of Blyss

Congrats Alyssa! Email me at with your mailing address, and I’ll send your info to Jennifer to send out your goodies!

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What do you think about while running? or exercising in general?

Anyone have any crazy/funny thoughts while running?

Doing anything fun this weekend?

Happy Friday!!!

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