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Running in the Rain

Posted Mar 10 2013 3:35pm Update:
3/9/13: 3 mile run on treadmill (25:44) and 1.42 mile walk with the pup and Brett
3/10/13: 10 mile run on one of my favorite trails (1:31:44)
Total for the Month: 28.05 miles

This 100milemarch challenge is my new favorite motivator. I'm not willing to end the month of March without 100 miles in my back pocket. Which brings me to this morning's run... in the rain. 

I've run in the rain a couple times once before but I typically avoid it like I avoid sweet pickles (yuck). There's just something about being in the rain that makes me feel like the Wicked Witch of the West. 

I'm meeeeelting, I'm meeeeelting.

Not today. Today, I was loving the rain. The big puddles, cool weather, and thick fog on the river. Oddly enough, it fueled me. When everyone else was hibernating inside, I was enjoying mother nature and all she has to offer. 

Oh, and now that I like running in the rain I get to buy a running jacket for rainy days. That might have encouraged me a little too. 

Have you ever ran in the rain (and not just from your car to the front door)?
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