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Running in the City, Jiu Jitsu, and Cheater’s Oats in a PB Jah

Posted Jul 29 2011 12:00am

Last night I had grand plans to get a lot accomplished, including getting some overnight oats brewin’ for this morning. Serious plans. For many reasons, My ‘grand plans’ all drowned into my night-cap of Vinho Verde. But that is OKAY! Because yesterday both Andrew and I accomplished a great deal. He’s the lucky one that took today off… well deserved. Last night he had his belt test for Jiu Jitsu. He tested for his 2nd Kyu Brown belt and I have to say he truly impressed me. I am SO proud of him!

Once I get fixated on getting something there is no changing my mind! Like this morning all I wanted was cold overnight oats in a jar of almost finished Teddy peanut butter I had at work… with a cold banana. Yeah, I keep my bananas in the fridge. They turn brown… sometimes black super quick this way but they are still good inside! Andrew is very grossed out by this.
I had the PB and banana all ready to go at work but NO OATS!! I have gone weeks without oats and I am getting cranky! I have seriously been eating rice cakes with peanut butter, a banana and watermelon every morning for over a week because I have been lazy with breakfasts at work. It is killing me. So…. after I got ready this morning I quickly made some stovetop oats and took them with me to work hoping they would cool down enough to at least be room temp… colder when mixed with the cold banana in the cold PB jar. It certainly wasn’t overnight oats but it satisfied my craving and I am now in a stellar mood. Thankfully. All hell was gonna break loose at work if I didn’t get my oat fix. (I work alone).

Training in the city and why YOU should do it:

- You will develop a Jedi-like sense of bad-driver (and dog shit) radar.

- You will have your very own homeless cheerleaders root you on while you navigate through rush-hour pedestrian traffic. This is VERY motivating!

- You will learn to understand that busy intersections with anxiously waiting runners are actually kind of like starting lines at a race. It is a good simulation.

- You will develop the uncanny ability to jump over random obstacles while not interrupting your pace. Especially on Trash day. And Game day.

- Trash day will help you develop lung strength as you will do anything to not breath in the putrid fumes of city sidewalk trash and still maintain your pace. Car fumes will help with this too. And cigarette smoke.

- Game day will teach you to weave through slower runners on race day because you will have the training of weaving through hundreds of drunk Boston Red Sox fans.

Running in the city is fun and entertaining. I believe these skills have given me an edge suburbanites only dream of.

Today was actually the 7th day in a row that I ran, beginning with last Saturday which has brought me to 25 miles in 7 days. I’m absolutely NOT saying that is a good way to train. In fact I KNOW it’s not. However, as I have said, I am stubborn. If I had the energy to run and wasn’t sore, why not run? This is my first experience training and I feel like I don’t yet know my limits. I’m just starting to get used to my body as a runner. I feel strong! And just now, a bit sore I must admit :/ I have been pushing myself to feel where my limits are and I am really glad I have done so.

I don’t have a Garmin watch (yet!) so I have no idea what my pace has been though I have a good idea it has been averaging between 9 and a half and 10 minutes a mile. Yeah… I get that is not fast. At ALL. And it’s not where I want to be but I’m getting there! I’ve noticed I literally have bounding energy in the morning. Knowing that my mind and body is capable of SO much more than I thought it was is very empowering.

I’m sure many of you that run, especially when you first started, experinced that dying urge to just quit. But riding that wave and pushing through until that urge to quit passes is so rewarding. Yesterday was the first time I TRULY believed I will be able to run 13 miles… and perhaps with a smile on my face? For part of the time? haha

Belt Test!

After I got home from work and a 4 mile run I had little time to get myself together for Andrew’s belt test. I skipped the shower because I figured I wasn’t gross enough and would in a room full of sweaty martial artists anyway. I’m gross.

There are 3 brown belts before black belt and Andrew was testing for his 2nd. Jiu Jitsu is an incredibly practical form of martial arts based on self defence. He has tried to teach me a few things here and there but I have been told I don’t know how to fall correctly. Therefore he refuses to throw me :(

He was literally surrounded by 5 guys all coming after him, one after the other! He was like a machine! Seriously it was VERY impressive. I have a video I wanted to upload for y’all but I don’t understand my camera and all it’s crazy functions so it will have to wait!

This is Sensei Nick, his instructor. I was also super impressed with Sensei Nick’s teaching. He has tons of positive energy and really cares about the success of all his students. Plus, he is TOTALLY an Italian Stallion (I have already told Andrew this) ;)

Andrew’s last challenge was to throw this black belt. I forget his name but he was a ROCK. The test is supposed to really challenge you mentally and physically. By the end, the person testing has essentially reached their limit and is completely exhausted. But the goal is to prove that even in a state of exhaustion you can pull yourself together and still take down the bad guy. Like running, or any activity where you have to push yourself to keep going, there is a lot of mind over matter involved.

Andrew told me that by the end he was so exhausted he just stopped thinking about technique and just went with it… this is when he really improved during the belt test. I think that just goes to show that the more you think about something while doing it the more difficult the task becomes… your mind just gets in the way. When I was singing seriously I was into the practices of the book ‘The Power of Now’ by Ekchart Tolle. It explains how living in the now is so important because it is all you have control over. More on that another time.

Yay! He passed!

Getting his belt from the Italian Stallion Sensei Nick!

His belt test really challenged him and he gave it all he had. I know he was disappointed in some mistakes he made. It can be a frustrating feeling to know where you want to be and feel it within you but training is a process and he should be very proud!

I was super tired when we got back and I was too lazy too tired to get in the shower (Really, how much energy does showering even take?)

All I wanted when I got home was to have a few bites of left-over salad, a brownie and a glass of wine…

Just so I can gross you all out, I went for another run this morning right when I got up after not having showered after my run yesterday afternoon. Can you even fathom the grossness of this?

Is there something your partner does or has done that really impresses you and deepens your respect for them?

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