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Running and Training

Posted Dec 08 2013 12:19pm
This is a new record. Two posts in one 24 hour time period? Go me.

As I mentioned a few hours ago when I was supposed to be sleeping but wasn't (so salty)... half marathon training is fast approaching.

I've lost all my endurance from the 2.5 month break so I need to be smart about training. Something I've yet to figure out... the smart thing, that is. And this 2.5 month break will be close to three months before I actually start running again. Soooooo... here's my plan in no particular order:

1. Wear shoes that are broke in but not AARP status. I make stupid mistakes, learn from them, and then make them again. That pertains to running and life, for the win. For some reason, I can't help but run in new shoes... they are just too pretty not to lace up. But, inevitably, plantar fasciitis gets all up in my biz when I make such a mistake. Lesson for me: Break my shoes in and retire them when they've lost their light as a cloud feeling.

2. Watch and listen (the hard part) to this clip every week. every week. "And when your time comes and a thousand different voices are trying to tell you you're not ready for it... listen instead to that lone voice of dissent. The one that says you are ready, you are prepared. It's all up to you now. So rise and shine." Lesson for me: Stay motivated or feel the wrath of the 13.1 in March.
3. Slow slow days and fast fast days. What does that even mean? I run too fast on my mileage days and too slow on my speedwork days. Enough of that nonsense. I'm not some speedgoat and I'm surely not one of those bloggers that runs 276 marathons a year so 2014 is my year to train based on MY body. My mileage days (the days in training designed for a runner to just be out on their feet) are going to be jogger slow. I'm ok with this. My speedwork days (the days designed to push a runner to their ultimate fast pace) are going to be super freakin fast. Like Jimmy Johns fast only I'm not a sandwich. Lesson for me: Check your ego at the door and train smart. 

4. Believe in myself. I DNF'd early in 2013 and since that race Steffi done lost her groove. Well, I'm going to get it back. How? I haven't quite figured that out yet... but I'm determined so there's a start. Lesson for me: Focus on the positive, learn from the bumps.

And now I'm hungry so I'm off to eat some chicken pot pie. You're so jelly right now.

Hugs and love, 

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