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Run It Friday

Posted Sep 07 2013 9:54am

Heading into this weekend I had my final long run of my training plan.  I wasn’t overly sure when to fit it in as I had three upcoming soccer games: two 40 min back to back games Saturday and one full-field 90 min game on Sunday.  I’m also heading to the Saturday night Phillies game with friends from high school.  I ultimately decided Friday after work would have to do.  As the afternoon carried on and I was dealing with massive carry-over from a method I am developing for an upcoming study, I wasn’t sure if I was going to psyche myself out for this or not.  But, the last long run before any race is super important for me to finish.  If I can do it with minimal issues, I know I can at least finish whatever race I have coming up.

I got home from work and before I could even talk myself out of it, put on my running gear, threw on the headphones and was out the door.  The weather was amazing yesterday.  Barely above 70, no humidity, a bit sunny.  I popped on Sasha’s Involver so the slower pace of the progressive house would keep me in check.  Heading out too fast too soon is something I do from time to time and then I burn out.  The music + weather put me in the best mood and I cruised through the first few miles barely feeling like I was running at all.  It wasn’t really until the last couple of miles did I notice any real fatigue.  I only paused when I had to cross traffic and took a couple 10 second walk breaks at miles eight and nine just to make sure my legs were still good.  It was a solid run and I was happy to get it out of the way before the weekend kicked in!


I definitely think I am ready for this race.  Throw in a Gu gel and some water and I could’ve easily made it another 3.1 miles.  Though, running in my area is not easy peasy the whole time.  The Main Line has some lovely gradual hills scattered here and there and I cover a bunch on my out-and-back routes.


Fun stuff.  Depending on which tracker I follow, I burned anywhere from 1100-1300 calories.  I’ll believe the lower number though, hah.

And to anyone checking me out from SELF’s generous tweeting and Pinterest love for my Drop10 Recap posts, welcome and thanks for clicking over!  This blog fell off track for a good bit, but now I think I’m getting back into the swing of things and come cooler weather will be doing a whole lot more baking and cooking (my tiny kitchen is unbearable in the summer).  Winking smile  And from that whole plan, the biggest habit I’ve now developed is breakfast smoothies.  I’ve used my blender more in the last month than in the year and a half I owned the damn thing.  It’s also fun to throw together my own ideas.  So yeah, good stuff all around.  I’m ready for the rest of the weekend to unfold!

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