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Run for Water Gala Dinner

Posted May 28 2010 6:39pm

So as I mentioned the other day, my husband and I are taking part in the Run for Water this Sunday morning.  Last night we had the opportunity to attend the charity gala dinner for the race, and learned more about the charity the run supports and the history of the race and it’s organizers.  It was a really interesting evening.

To start off with, I had to go on a mini materni-spree.  That is, a frantic run through the mall trying to find something fancy in the maternity stores without spending a fortune.  Much easier said than done.  Unfortunately most of the maternity dresses out there are all ‘strawberry shortcake lets go to a tea party’ kind of style and that’s just not me.  I finally found a fancy top I could pair with black capris and heels – phew!   I know they make some really nice maternity stuff somewhere, but apparently I’m too cheap to go to those nice stores!  ha ha.

Anyhow, the evening started off with appetizers, mingling and lots of wine.  Sadly, I had to hit up the bar for the only prego friendly bevvies, water or pop.  The appetizers were great though and it was nice to meet a bunch of the race organizers.  The Run for Water Committee is made up of a bunch of Abbotsford citizens and business owners who, through one way or another, have gotten involved in the cause of providing clean drinking water in remote African communities.  For this reason, many of the organizers are from local engineering companies.

After awhile of socializing and mingling, we were lead to the other half of the room where there would be musical guests and a couple keynote speakers.  The first speaker was Ray Zahab who you may know from his documentary, Running the Sahara.  This guy is amazing – he is an ultra marathoner and has gone on crazy running expeditions around the world.  He also founded Impossible2Possible which is an organization that provides experiential learning opportunities to classrooms and students around the world.  For example, during his run to the south pole, he was connected daily with classrooms around the world, providing lessons on water while he was on his expedition.  Very cool.

The second keynote speaker was Lt. Romeo Daillaire who’s biography is way to rich to mention here, but spoke on awareness of world politics and experiences such as Rwanda and Afghanistan.  A very interesting speaker, but I have to admit that my husband and I didn’t quite see the connection between his speech and the cause of providing water in Africa.  Nonetheless, it was interesting and I think I might read his book Shake Hands With the Devil which is all about his experiences in Rwanda.

Anyhow, I digress.  The evening was great, good food, good people.  From speaking with the committee it sounds like the Run for Water has gained a lot of popularity this year and is growing stronger. 

In other news, there is a little knee-tickler under my dining room table where I am sitting right now…


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