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Run and Done

Posted Sep 08 2010 12:00am

SO happy with today’s run!  Obstacles I successfully dodged:

  • Concrete truck backing out into the alley
  • Large amounts of fallen tree branches (it was windy yesterday!)
  • Pack of stroller moms doing lunges in the middle of the path
  • Eighty year old man (okay, that’s a lie… he dodged me and I ate his dust, haha)

While those are something to feel accomplished about, I’m really happy with this morning’s run because I did not want to run when I woke up because I was very sore from weights class yesterday, but I tied up the laces and headed out anyway.  I told myself if I still felt off a little into the run then I would turn back.  Turns out, I felt great—the weather was fabulous, legs loosened up, and I ran the whole 3 miles at my previous 5k pace!!  This is great news since I have a 5k next Saturday and have been trying to increase my speed.  I often feel like a pig running in mud, but not today!

Post-run I cooked up some delicious Egg-on-Toast.  I simply melted some extra virgin olive oil butter spread in a pan over medium high heat, cracked two eggs in, and dusted with seasoned salt.  After flipping and cooking just a minute longer, I tossed it on top of a toasted whole wheat slice of bread and done! 


Along with my eggs I guzzled a few tall glasses of water and filled up my water bottle for work to remind myself to keep drinking.  Now it’s time to figure out what to bring to work for dinner… I work evening shifts, so it’s usually lunch at home and dinner at work.  Have a good day!

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