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Run + Wrap…wrun and wrap?!

Posted Jan 28 2010 11:12am

Ooo it’s supposed to get C-O-L-D this weekend!! Apparently a snow storm is coming our way Friday night into Saturday. Good thing my runs are scheduled for today and Sunday—let’s hope it clears up by then!

I got to run today in some beautiful weather—it was pushing 50 degrees! (Which makes the snow threat even more unusual.) It was one of those days when it’s hard to figure out how to dress. I wasn’t planning for it to be that warm, so I was in long pants, long sleeves, and a headband. I could’ve done without the headband and been more comfortable but then my hair would’ve been in my face. I was a little warm, but comfortable. I passed a guy in shorts and a t-shirt twice though and I felt I litle woos-y and overdressed :)

military park

I ran the same path I did on Tuesday, but I started at a different point to mix things up a little. From where I started measuring, I did 3.95 miles in 39.38, which makes 9:52 pace. I was really trying to make this more like a tempo run…so much for that? I really felt like I was trying to run faster, and I was wiped out at the end. What gives? Oh well, it was still a nice, hard run!

I did have some stomach troubles on this one though…there was a point that I realllllllly wanted to walk, but I knew I’d get to a bathroom faster if I kept running. (Don’t worry, I made it!)


I wore my NEW SHOES!!! It’s a little early to give a fair review, but so far….I LOVE THEM!!! The Mizunos are a little roomier in the toe box than the DS Trainers, and have a little stiffer sole. With the way my feet are now, this feels good to me! I think it’s important to note that as your body or stride changes, you need to re-evaluate your shoes!!!

I also wore my new socks, the Asics Hera low cut socks. I loved the way the formed to my feet, and I loved how they were low cut but still had little tabs with padding that kept my shoes from rubbing my ankles. They felt a little slippery in my shoes though, and I felt like my feet sweat more. Maybe that’s the way running socks are “supposed” to be. If so I’m not sure I’m jumping on the bandwagon- I’ll stick to my cotton Gold Toes (oooo bad I know!).

After my run I had some lunch. I was really craving a burrito with refried beans, but I didn’t have any veggies that I really wanted to put in a burrito. And a burrito with just a tortilla and beans wasn’t gonna cut it. I compromised by making a wrap and then having some chips and refried beans as a dip on the side.

chips and beans

Still loving these RiceWorks chips.

I made my wrap with Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese, some garlic, spinach, turkey, mozzarella cheese, and black pepper. At the last minute I decided not to “wrap” it and put it in the oven open-faced.

wrap pizza

Oh-my-gosh. You will seeing this again. SO good. I guess it was kinda like a wrap-version of pizza. But it was really good- just crispy enough, just chewy-cheese-y enough :)

melty cheese pizza wrap

Are you brand-loyal to your running shoes? Do you wear “running” socks? Why + what kind? Give me the scoop!

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