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Rumble Roller

Posted Oct 31 2012 7:00am

My newest BFF, my Rumble Roller . This thing is not for the faint of heart, it's not for wimps or sissies, it's for hard core lifters who get tight and can take the pain of the roller.

I actually bought two, this regular sized one and a small 12" travel one. It's so easy to come up with excuses in life, excuses for anything  Take your food- "well I was in meetings all day and had to have the Chinese they brought in" , baloney!  If you ALWAYS bring food with you everywhere you go, you do not have an opportunity to make up an excuse. Then you just look like a fool who has no will power if you choose the Chinese over your own healthy lunch you brought!

I chose the  Extra Firm  Rumble Roller  and it is like a foam roller with treads on it, they are not foam in any sense and the treads are hard. When I first started using it, all I could do was lay on it in some areas, such as my poor hip flexors. No rolling was taking place, the pain was too much to bear. Soon I became used to it, the muscles started to relax and I was rolling like a champ! I did find that I had small bruises all over my hips after my first few intense rolling sessions though. 

I encourage you to get a roller, and if you are a tough cookie, and tend to have tight muscles, go for the Rumble Roller, you will be glad you did!
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