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Rules for working out when you are under the weather.

Posted Oct 30 2012 12:42pm

It's that time of year again my clients are starting to cancel sessions because their kids are getting colds, strep throat, sinus infections, you name it. Then they cancel their next session because they are sick.  Sometimes we get back to exercising too early and get ourselves run down again or we  share the germs because we just need to exercise and get out of the house.  So, when is it ok to exercise if you are sick?  

General rules to exercise by1) If you have a fever ABSOLUTELY no exercising.

2) Symptoms from the neck up exercise is okay; headaches, nasal congestions, runny nose as long as your energy levels are good.  

3) Symptoms from the neck down, meaning respiratory issues or infections, nausea, GI problems, and/or achiness, NO EXERCISING!

Tip:  I hope that  most gym goers remember to wipe down the equipment as a courtesy once they are done exercising but some people don' wipe down the equipment before you start working out so you don't pick up what someone left behind!

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