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rough 8 and date day!

Posted Sep 12 2011 8:00am

Happy Monday friends! (If there is such a thing…)

First, an apology. Things have been a little crazy around here the past week and I haven’t had as much time to devote to the blog and keeping up with y’all as I’d like. I can’t promise the next week will be much better, but hopefully everything will be back to normal soon.

Saturday morning I hopped out of bed bright and early for an 8 mile run.

Picture 14

Getting out of the house was tough, and unfortunately, the run wasn’t much easier. I had a really hard time getting started, and at about mile 3.5 I had to take a bathroom break. First time ever on a long run. Guess I had it coming.

After that, I was feeling better for about a mile… until I tripped over a washed out sidewalk from last week’s floods and completely wiped out. Thankfully, I was fine, but it knocked the wind out of me and completely threw off my running mojo. Another mile, and I got a killer cramp in my side. Mile 6 was a nice downhill, but on mile 7 the cramp came back, then mile 8 I was feeling really good… and the run was over.

I was feeling so good towards the end, that I might have actually run farther, but I had a much overdue chiropractic appointment to get to! The adjustment was quite needed, with all the running that I’ve been doing. My back and hips were completely misaligned, and my left piriformis (yes, that would be the same one that gave me all the trouble back in June…) was so tight that when she pressed on it, it felt like she was pressing on bone. Yeow! I made another appointment for next week, and a mental note not to go two months without a visit ever again… particularly when training hard.

Saturday afternoon Jason and I had a date day (like a date night but during the day!) I had a Living Social voucher for two movie tickets on Fandango that was about to expire, so we decided to go see Contagion .

It was pretty good! Lots of big name actors and actresses, and very interesting and fast paced. The plot is about a very contagious version of swine flu that spreads around the world much more quickly than the government is able to find and produce a vaccine for it.

It raised a lot of interesting questions, everything from international relations, to food quality and safety, to health care inequalities, to government vs. private sector science funding. The ending seemed a little rushed, and none of the topics really got the attention they deserved – I think the filmmakers were trying to do too much with it.  The thing that annoyed me most was the Jude Law character – he played an obnoxious, self-obsessed, power-hungry… (you guessed it) BLOGGER! Gotta admit, I was feeling a little defensive. Why are bloggers in movies always losers?!

So, it probably won’t be an Oscar contender, but regardless, it’s a fun watch and I would recommend it! You may feel a compulsion to stock up on hand sanitizer, afterward, though…

Have you ever been to a chiropractor or other alternative medicine specialist? And do you often find yourself rushing to use Groupon or Living Social deals at the last minute like me?

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