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Rose Cleanse Week 1 Review

Posted Jan 10 2012 3:52pm

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! My day was pretty low-key, which was exactly how I wanted it. :D

Pressed Juicery juices throughout the day (Greens 4 is my new favorite– so spicy!!), along with some hot herbal tea and a quick treadmill workout.

Followed by a delicious goat cheese salad for dinner!

Austin kept telling me that I shouldn’t be “cooking on my birthday”–> but ALL I wanted was delicious, goat-cheese-smothered salad for my dinner! You can’t get a salad like this in any restaurant. I made a creamy, garlic-y dressing to go on top, and it was just perfect. I’d share the dressing recipe, but I couldn’t possibly recreate it if I tried. Many things went in there to make it “just right,” so I’ll have to write it down next time.

I also enjoyed leftover cauliflower mash, and more slices of raw goat cheese… but they don’t make for pretty pictures.

Austin’s food is much prettier:

He was craving our new favorite Sweet Potato Pasta dish , so I was happy to make that for him! We had TONS of sweet potatoes in our CSA box this weekend, so I need to use them up before my trip.

Dessert was another recipe inspired by Doris!

Red Velvet Beet Pudding
serves 1-2


8 oz. steamed and peeled beets (I cheated and used Trader Joe’s brand!)
1/2 cup almond milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 Tablespoons cocoa powder
pinch of salt
liquid stevia, to taste


Throw all ingredients into a high-powered blender, and blend until smooth and creamy. Adjust sweetness to taste, then chill before serving.

That pudding totally hit the spot… but didn’t stop me from eating one of Austin’s brownies during The Bachelor last night. They’re SO GOOD.

And, it was my birthday, after all. ;)

With officially one week down on my Rose Cleanse , I thought I’d take a moment to recap and reflect on it.

Average amount of juice consumed: 32 ounces daily

Average amount of hot tea consumed: 12-24 ounces daily, with lemon and stevia

Non-Alkaline liquids consumed this week: 1 cup of black coffee, 2 cups green tea (weaned myself off…)

Supplements: Dr. Ohhira’s probiotics each morning, and occasionally Natural Calm and Herbal Answers Raw Aloe Juice.

Average Dinner Time: 7pm, with a raw veggie snack beforehand

Gravity-Administered Colonics: 1 per week

How I’m Feeling Thus Far: I’m feeling pretty good. Some days are easier than others, and today happens to be a little harder. I’m cold in the mornings, so hot tea is helping with that, but what I wouldn’t do for a sauna in my house!! Physically, I feel lighter, my stomach is flatter, and my jeans are fitting looser. Mentally, my head is clear, and I love that I’m not consumed with thoughts of food. It feels very freeing to not worry about what I’m going to eat for breakfast or lunch, knowing that a warm, hearty dinner will be waiting for me each evening. My sweet tooth has been running rampant lately, but my favorite chocolate milkshake REALLY satisfies it– so I’ll be going back to that tonight.

With my trip coming up this weekend, I have a feeling that I won’t be strictly sticking to this cleanse… but you’ll see why I don’t care about that soon enough. ;)

Hope you’re all off to a great week so far!

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