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Rolfing is NOT Torture

Posted Jul 12 2010 11:56pm

I so frequently hear the most horrifying descriptions of Rolfing – it’s torture, Rolfers like to beat people up, it’s like being torn limb from limb…none of the above is even close to the truth. Here’s to setting the record straight!  And if you don’t yet know what this transformative work is about, definitely check out this post: What is Rolfing?

When Rolfing was developed by the founder and creator, Ida P. Rolf, PhD,  society was in an extreme phase and little was known about the fascial matrix and its behavior inside the human body.  Over forty years have gone by since its inception, and Rolfing has evolved as research has revealed the true nature of fascia.  The work, while it still maintains the same principles of alignment and balance within a functioning human structure, is approached very differently than it was in those early days.

So, what did you think? If this helped you to get a better grasp on the theory behind Rolfing work, please share this with your friends and family! There’s a little “Tweet This” button at the top of the post so you can share on Twitter, or use any of the links below to share this video on your favorite social networks. Let’s spread the word about this transformational work!

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