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Robert Cavalli’s Eyewear of the Legendary Gods

Posted Oct 11 2010 11:39am

< p>To revive the looks of the legendary gods in the Roman and Greek Mythology, the spring or summer 2009 of Robert Cavalli Eyewear is very appealing and classical to achieve such Mythological drama in your fashion. These elegant eyewear collections are simply wearable art that will accentuate the woman’s profound face profile, most especially when she wears something with plain, dual- or tri-shades of free flowing feminine-style of custom dress shirts .

 This one-of-a-kind eyewear collection comes in various metallic or earth shades, which comes in two- or three- tones of glasses (darker at the top part while it gets lighter at the bottom part). Such art and luxury-combined perspectives aims to achieve a modern appearance despite the classical concept of the masterpiece. 

The eyewear collection features very distinct and one-of-its-kind characteristics like the button-like designs on its side that alternate with strass-covered monograms and floral or fauna patterns as well as the delicate mishmash of other forms and materials. Wearing a pair of this collection will make an elegant, cool and fancy appearance, as long as it’s paired with a nice combination of attire — women or mens dress shirts that resembles something from the Roman or Greek mythology. This Robert Cavalli Eyewear will highlight the wearers physical features. 

This is perfect for any casual or formal appearance. It looks fantastic with (on the top) cotton or silk dress shirts designed either with plain light shades or abstract patterns in wild ray-formations of cool shades like green and blue with small streaks of mellow yellow, and (on the bottom) paired with trendy super slim fit navy (unfaded) denim pants that reach until the ankles. The stilettos or wedge style of pair of sandals will complete the casual look without compromising elegance and sophistication. As for the formal style, fashionable outfit will go with the versatile shades of this eyewear collection.

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