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Roasted Carrots - Plus The Health Benefits of Carrots

Posted Feb 08 2013 3:43pm

I Adore Roasted Carrots!!!
  • Wash and trim (peel) the carrots.
  • Drizzle a touch of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil on top.
  • Then Sprinkle a little Himalayan Pink Salt over the carrots.
  • Bake at 375 degrees for about 20 – 30 Minutes (Depending on the size of the carrots).
The Health Benefits of Carrots –
Attention has been placed mostly on the carotenoid content of carrots, mainly beta-carotene, but recent research has revealed a host of additional phytonutrients; Like polyacetylenes, such as: falcarindiol and falcarinol. 

The magic lies within the synergy between phytonutrients and polyacetylenes found in carrots. Recent studies suggest that the combination of “whole food” nutrients (synergy) may aid in the inhibition of colon cancer cell proliferation and further prevent oxidative damage.

There is a diverse mix of over eight different antioxidants in carrots, which may aid in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and provide anti-inflammatory benefits.

Now, for the most widespread health benefits – Eat carrots for healthy vision.  Your Mom was right, after all. Research shows that people who consume carrots have lower rates of both glaucoma and cataracts.

Additionally, the fiber content of carrots helps to nourish a healthy digestive tract and the vitamin A content helps to replenish dry skin as well as provide some benefit of protection from sun damage.

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