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Ring Day

Posted Jan 13 2013 9:45am
I'm kind of embarrassed I've been gone this long from AHL. Writing is a big part of my life and I've been neglecting it because I'm toooooooo busy. I'm really not toooooooo busy, I'm just not prioritizing properly. 

Because I'm pretty sure that 30 minute facebook sesh isn't as important as my AHL Therapy Hour. It's true, writing is my therapy. Good thing I surround myself with people smarter than me or I may have never returned. Many thanks to my good friends and yoga students for giving me the necessary nudge to get back to writing. 

So, let's talk about Ring Day. Which Brett reminded me happened three weeks ago already. Actually, honey boo boo, it happened four weeks ago today, but who's counting? And then we'll discuss my my desire not to run. 

It was Sunday, December 16, 2012 and not a creature was stirring, not even a... wait, wrong story. But, it was Sunday. A regular old Sunday, in fact. We both did our own thing all day (Brett ran and biked 398 miles and I sat on the couch) and decided to make dinner together that evening.

Actually, it was Brett's idea to make dinner together. He's a grill-master, I'm a gourmet-chef. We better never stop working out... or else.

We had yummy grilled chicken and not-so-impressive asparagus risotto. I didn't post the risotto recipe for a reason. It took 1.5 hours to cook and it wasn't all that brilliant. Put those 1.5 hours of your life towards something that produces deliciousness. Please. 

Notice the lack of pictures in this post. I had no idea this day was going to be so very special otherwise I probably would've hired a professional to capture every moment. Do you think we could re-inact?

After dinner Brett asked me if I wanted to open a present. Ummm, most obvious answer of the year coming in 3, 2, 1... DUH, YES!

I would have every Christmas present opened in November if I could. Brett is constantly telling me no. I live such a deprived life. 

I picked out a sub-standard gift for him (a t-shirt I found on clearance) and made him go first. I love watching people open their presents. He liked his cheap-o shirt.

Now my turn. Brett asked me to get ready for a scavenger hunt... this got my wheels turning. But I quickly realized my wheels have been turning for a whole year so I decided NOT to get excited for a ring but just to get excited for the moment. He told me the clue to where my present was hidden was on the tree... something he put there, not something we hung together I hung by myself when I decorated our tree.  
That's one big tree to search. Within 45 seconds Brett started playing the hot-cold game. Anxious much? 

Now I'm a fairly quick study; my 7th grade study hall teacher will most certainly agree. So, within a matter of seconds, after the hot-cold game was underway, I had my grubby little paws on this silver ornament that wasn't put there by said grubby little paws.
I almost opened it. Brett quickly intervened by asking me to come over to him. He was on our living room rug playing with Mauka. I sat down, easy crossed legged style. 

Brett cleared his throat, played with Mauka for a second, and then asked me to open the ornament. As I did, he shifted onto one knee. I looked at my ring, looked up at him, and listened to him say those four beautiful words, "Will you marry me?"
I lunged at him and said, "Yes, yes, yes, yes!!" 

And then we did it all over again because Brett may or may not have been a little choked up on the first attempt. He wanted to make perfectly sure I heard every word.

What I'm doing with the ornament around my pointer finger the world may never know. Bad photography aside, it was the perfect proposal.
What isn't so perfect is my training. I need to admit something to the 2.5 people who still read AHL... thank you for that, by the way, you make me smile every time I check my stats.

Since the Chicago Marathon I've pretended to enjoy running but I've really just been lying to everyone. Lying might be a strong word for this scenario but let's stick with it and see where it takes us.

In 2012 I created, within me, an avid runner. I ran 5-6 days/week and enjoyed almost every one of those days. However, after Chicago, I've maybe put a total of 50 miles on my running shoes and that's REALLY giving me credit.

Let me remind you, the Chicago Marathon was October 7, 2012. Houston, we have a problem.

It's not that I don't like running anymore... I do, really. I do. It's just that I don't have the desire to run... so when I skip a run I don't feel guilty, I feel content. Back to that whole I'm toooooooo busy excuse. But I'm not tooooooo busy, that's hogwash. 

So, what am I doing about it? So glad you asked...
On Friday I told one of my yoga students I would:

"... run every day this week, Monday-Sunday, with the exception of Friday as my rest day and one other day of my choosing."

Now my yoga student knows and so do you. I'm ready to run... are you?

Tomorrow's Sweaty Sesh:
Run: 3 miles + Strength Training

Wanna Share?
Who thinks I'll honor my commitment? Would you honor it if you knew you had to be accountable to your friends and family?
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