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Rigorous And Extreme Exercises- Are Harmful To Your Body

Posted Jun 08 2012 2:05am

We all want to tone up our body, lose weight and shape up our body to look good and elegant.

Sometimes to get in to shape we tend to follow rigorous and extreme exercises to ton up our body but we may have to face repercussions if we are too hard on our body.

In group classes you are advised to do exercises with fast and powerful movements with light weights, hopping on step up benches or holding dumbbells, though jumping is good for burning calories jumping with weights on might end up in a tissue or muscle rapture or ligament tear. It is advisable that dumbbells and barbells movements can be done only when monitored by instructor by a specific training routine.

Running is very good for health, and you can burn your calories and make sure these sessions don’t last more than one hour, but participating in a marathon can cause cardiac problems to you, you may develop backache or muscle pull.

Have a light meal or snacks in the morning before you start exercising as when you wake up in the morning your glycogen levels are low in the body and even though you burn more calories there is a chance of your body deriving from your muscle tissue.

Stretching is ideally done after or during work outs, as stretching a muscle before a work out may lead to a ligament tear or painful muscle pull.

Pills, powders for weight loss are highly hazardous as they cause nutrient deficits in your body and cause damage to your organs like kidney and liver.

Losing weight too fast can be dangerous by detox diet as they can cause serious health problems and you may end up putting more weight than before.

It is healthy to exercise but know your limits and do not be too hard on your body.

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