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Riding the Wave, New Plan & More Raw Food Love :)

Posted Feb 12 2013 12:52pm

How are we all doing? God I can’t believe it’s the 12th February…I mean where is the year going already?! And once again over a week has flown by with no word from me. Time is seriously escaping me at the moment.

The past week or so has been umm a funny one. I feel like I’m riding a wave of emotions as each week progresses since starting back at uni. I spend my Sundays relaxing but anxious in anticipation of uni starting early on a Monday morning. Once Monday’s lectures are over, it’s okay and I feel like I can carry on with the week. Tuesday is fine and Wednesday is manageable although I’m starting to feel tired, but then we hit Thursday and it’s like BAM stress, anxiety levels sky high, as I spend a long day doing what I hate the most. I really do not like Thursdays and struggle massively to get through the day. Then when it’s over, I can start my 3 day weekend and have my little ‘Nicky routine’ going on which keeps me happy and boosts my mood again before the week starts again.

It’s funny how the word routine has that sense of security. It’s safe and we like it. And then when there’s change, that’s when we feel like we can’t cope, even if the change is good and eventually, the change becomes part of our new routine and it’s manageable again. Humans are funny things eh?

Anyway, I’ll not go deep into anything right now because my brain can’t handle it ;) So instead I’ll just photo bomb you all again hahaa! But, back to the subject of change, things have changed from the weekend, I have started a new fitness program. This is involving me doing a lot more weight training and a lot less cardio…which I admit, a part of me is anxious about, I do love my cardio. But I figured I was starting to hit a wall with my fitness. I mean, whilst HIIT is great for a quick workout, but doing it quite regularly has it’s limits, like with anything. So I thought it was time to change it up again. I’ve been doing weights a while now, increased a little and I do feel good doing them but I’ve never had a structure to what I do….just kinda working on areas that don’t hurt at any given point haha! So, now I have a routine which I can already say is physically challenging. My body aches already but my muscles feel hard everywhere, really weird. Along with my training plan I also have a nutrition plan. Now I would not have signed up to anything where they told me what to eat or told me how many calories etc because that wouldn’t work with me. I don’t count calories and I won’t eat what people tell me to because I go with my cravings and when I’m hungry like a healthy human being, and I don’t need behaviours from my ED past to creep back in, thankyouverymuch. But I am given macros for each day depending on what I’m doing. I’ve never really paid attention to my macros and whilst yes, they are numbers, the ones I have been given actually fit perfectly with what I already eat after tracking my first couple of days! I was totally surprised and quite miffed really. It’s a high fat, high protein, average carb diet which is what I pretty much eat anyway – a little more protein needed on some days than I’m used to, and I’m having to eat even more frequently as I get insanely hungry all the time, but other than that…my love of raw foods fits really well so I’m happy and it also means I don’t have to watch what I’m eating too closely which is what I was worried about.

So, overall I’m happy with where I’m going and it means I can still eat what I like :)


And also trying new raw foods of course…any excuse! :) Raw pistachio, goji and cherry biscotti. Simply amazing. I love biscotti.


A new nut butter, eaten on the same day as the biscotti…think I was having a goji theme that day.


These are frickin amazing. I love raw crackers more than anything and these were no exception. Really really garlicky but the smelly breath was totally worth it (sorry everyone I worked with in uni that day :P )


And making new raw chocolates with my new chocolate mould! I made these with carob for a change – a much darker intense version of cocoa but these turned out perfect as I made them into ginger carob chocolates. I love ginger.

IMG_3539 And my new plan allows for my meals to be pretty much the same woop!


And also snacks! If I had to stop eating these that would have been the end of the world <3


I also received the bestest parcel ever from Eliza . This girl knows me too well. I love literally everything <3 And I’m excited to try the Thunderbird Energetica bars as I’ve never had those before aswell as the Health Warrior Chia bar which I’ve had my eye on for ages! The raw masala chai cookies have already completely gone hehe :P


Oh and on Sunday (my usual shopping girly day now!) I also got this top and another one from Zara. That store seriously might as well be owned by me. It is so my style, I can’t help but buy something everytime I go in…ooooops!


Right, anyway…I’d better get back to work…because you all know how much I must love designing lingerie. I know. I can’t think of anything I’d rather do with my life.


Have you received anything nice in the post lately?

What are you fave snacks for on the go?

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