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Ride, Ride, Ride Your Bike

Posted May 15 2011 11:17pm

There’s a reason your parents taught you how to ride a bike.

So you could ride for a cause!

Ride, not race.  Yesterday, over 60 cyclists gathered to ride in the Tour de Cure.  Unlike a race, which focuses on time and place and medals, a ride focuses on something different.  The Tour de Cure was a biking event raising money for diabetes research.  Participants had the choice of riding a 25, 50, 75, or 100 mile course.  I had originally planned on volunteering at one of the rest stations, but when their photographer backed out last-minute, I was given the opportunity to photograph the event.   Mary and I showed up, cameras en tow, ready to watch the event through the lens of our cameras. 

As the hour approached 7;30am, riders were waiting eagerly at the start line for the line for the ride to commence.

Riders wearing RED, dubbed the RED Riders, were those with diabetes.  they were the first to take off, followed by everyone else.  And off they went…

There was a lull as we waited for the riders to start trickling in.  During that time, I had the opportunity to meet new people, explore the area (which was beautiful), and nibble on some snacks.

[New Friends!]

[Big White House.]


[Hard-core photographer.  We can take the elements!]

At 9:30am, the riders starting trickling in.  Some had smiles.  Some had determined faces.  But all looked determined and motivated.

[Stick's team work!]

[The youngest rider...and a RED rider to boot!]

[The first 2 100-milers to finish.]

The fun did not end when they crossed the finish line.  No siree.  It was just beginning.  On site was a massage therapist, there to work out any aches and pains.  There was also a buffet on Mediterranean food.

All in all, it was a fun and inspiring day!  I am so impressed with every person that came out Saturday and rode for the cause!  Rain or snow, I would be out there again in a heart beat -  cheering riders on, taking pictures, or maybe even riding myself.

Congratulations Tour de Cure Riders!

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