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Posted Aug 08 2010 7:06am

Hey Everyone! 

I’m back in blog land and thought I would take a minute to make you all aware of my newest obsession:  RICE DREAM !

As most of you know I’ve been a soy milk drinker for quite some time.  

But for some reason, lately that distinct “soy” taste has really been getting to me. 

So I decided I would finally take the plunge and try Vanilla Rice Milk.

When I poured it onto my cereal this morning I was delighted to see that it looks like milk.  It’s WHITE!

I always had issues with the yellowish tint you find in soy milk. 

The second thing I noticed was that it’s not nearly as thick as soy milk. 

It has the consistency of skim milk.  YES!


But how is this going to taste?

It tastes like vanilla! 

It has a bit of a unique taste that’s difficult to describe, but it’s fairly subtle. 

I love it!  I think I’ve found my new go-to milk substitute.

I’m thinking it would probably be great to bake with!

Have any of you tried to bake with Rice Dream?


And on a completely unrelated topic,

 I just found out about…..

 No Limits Canada: Health, Wellness and Fitness Conference


Are any of you going to attend?

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