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Rhinoplasty - Surgical Reshaping of the Nose

Posted Feb 10 2011 7:12am

Facial plastic surgery has made it possible to alter facial features to enhance the overall appearance of the face. These procedures can sometimes correct existing problems relating to function rather than appearance alone. Rhinoplasty or ‘nose job’ is one of those. With rhinoplasty, surgical reshaping of the nose is possible, and also correction of nasal breathing problems can be achieved.


Rhinoplasty TexasWhat is Rhinoplasty?


This surgical procedure can alter the appearance of the nose. It can help straighten a crooked or bent nose; it can reduce or increase the size of the nose. The facial symmetry is maintained by reshaping and restructuring the nose. A wide or narrow dorsum or a small or bulbous tip can all be easily addressed during this plastic surgery procedure. A rhinoplasty can also enhance breathing function and correct any nasal structural flaws, like a deviated septum.


What Happens during Rhinoplasty?


There are mainly two types of rhinoplasty - open and closed type. The closed type is less invasive but has limited scope. It is mainly performed for minor changes in the nose shape. This procedure involves operating from within the nose by making incisions inside that are small and not noticeable later on. In the open type the incisions are made along the columella and involves cutting across the bones and cartilage. In this way the extra fat, skin or cartilage are removed or reshaped and then the skin is repositioned over the nose. An experienced facial plastic surgeon can address all your questions and explain the procedure to you in detail.


Rhinoplastyor surgical reshaping of the nose has made it possible to alter one’s facial appearance and achieve a beautiful nose besides improving breathing function. Consult a skilled surgeon to find whether you are a good candidate for this surgical procedure.

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