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Revolt against the Recession by Following Your Dreams!

Posted Feb 20 2009 7:22pm
Recession is defined as a period of economic decline and reduced overall economic activity.

The "recession" has hit people from all walks of life.  There are families choosing between diapers and pasta. There are people deciding between health insurance and gas to get to work, that is if they still have a job.  First and foremost we have to continue to live our lives. 

Cut back on the truly unnecessary...BUT, keep living your life.  Make a plan, stick to the plan and do not allow yourself to live in a fear based mentality and consequently raise your stress level through constant worry.  Worry cannot accomplish anything.  Fear is limiting to our innately discerning minds.  Ideas, solutions, and triumphs are born of the fearless mind.  Keep yourself as stress free as possible and allow your inner resources to meander through the issues we face.  You just might find yourself waking one morn with a solution to the status quo of either your personal or professional issues.  Relax and quiet the mind.  Protect yourself from constant negativity being shoved in your face by the media, even family, friends, co-workers, or associates.  Keep yourself in balance and in harmony.  That is when sparks of ingenuity reign master.

Bottom Line:  Be a positive force within your own life and negate the ill-fated prospects the news media is hustling; harbor optimism and positive affirmation daily and watch as your personal world and the world around you readjusts itself towards balance and forward financial improvement.
Here's something to ponder...more millionaires were made during the great depression than in any other era throughout US history.

At that time the ingenious "victims" of the depression had to think outside of the box.  They let their minds race for ideas.  Many wonderful, and eventually prosperous entrepreneurs were born out of desperation.  It was through adversity that the big thinkers got off of the recliner and sought to fulfill the needs of consumers in a way that empowered them as business owners.  They grew their companies through concepts implemented during an era that offered little, if any, resolution on its' own, despite the state of affairs around them.

First we have to learn to be positive and optimistic.  We have to strive to live our daily lives without fear and open up the mind to the universe, letting the ideas flow through us.  Let us all learn to be innovative and inspired to achieve limitless possibilities.  Certainly, we have within us the capabilities to overcome any adversity thrust upon us by circumstantial economic forces.  We, as a whole, are much stronger than we give ourselves credit for and it is in the uplifting of our fellow man that, we, ourselves can begin to blossom as well.

Help others along the path of purpose; inspire them to achieve greatness through your supportive measure of believing in them and the goals they harbor.  This supportive action will ultimately flow back to you and your personal goals.  Seek to achieve your life purpose through unique talents and gifts that you can offer the world around you.

Live Well. (By taking care of yourself, your body, your mind)
Live on Purpose. (By following your path authentically)
Live Your Dreams. (Through the implementation of the previous)   

Believe in yourself and others.  Trust your instincts.  And Let the doors of possibility swing wide!
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