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Reviewing my Goals for 2011

Posted Dec 31 2011 12:50pm
Before I start writing my goals for 2012, let's see how I did with my goals for 2011.

#1 - Laugh at myself when people are teasing - HALF CHECK!
I am extremely sensitive and I did laugh at myself when people joked around at me, but I could still do a better job.

#2 - Reach out to others and uplift people around me - CHECK!
I have donated over 2 GALLONS of blood now, so hopefully that has helped save a few lives! It also makes me grateful for my health!
I had quite a few people tell me that I was the most positive person that they know. They said if they ever felt bad, all they had to do was look at my facebook page, or see my smile, and they would immediately cheer up. I am SO proud of this accomplishment. I want to show God's love through my actions and I will continue to do this from now on!

#3 - Spend $ once in a while for fun - CHECK!
I still love saving money when I can, but this year I set out a monthly budget and allowed myself "fun money". I had a BLAST and still stayed within my budget.

#4 - Eat for health, not to be skinny - CHECK!
I have experimented with SO MANY NEW FOODS this year, it's crazy! I am SO MUCH HAPPIER enjoying food instead of worrying about every little calorie or fat gram like I used can read about that here. I have done a ton of product reviews for some really awesome companies! I'm so grateful for their generosity!

Did you accomplish your goals for 2011??
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