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Review: Uplift Sculpt Fusion

Posted Jan 14 2014 12:00am

Wow, I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve done a workout review.  First off, you probably know I love Uplift .  I love what the represent, I love what they are trying to do, I love their overall philosophy–and I love their workouts.

Given all this, it will come as no surprise that I was beyond thrilled when I learned that they had added a new class–Sculpt Fusion.  I’m still hoping workit circuit will come back, a girl can dream.

I’ve now tried Cardio Sculpt twice, which (btws) is the minimum amount of times that I typically try something before writing a review.

The class offers itself as a low impact alternative to the popular Uplift Cardio and Uplift Strength classes.  So popular that I’ve been waitlisted all week long for strength and cardio classes. I’m happy for uplift, sad for me!

You start out with a little yoga flow and then go into a full body strength routine using 3-5 pound weights.  There are lunges, squats, mountain climbers, push ups and planks intermixed with some standard yoga poses like downward dog and warrior 1.  There is also a good ab workout at the end, involving side planks and those killer reach under and lift rotations.  Throughout the workout are a few bursts that are aimed at getting your heart rate up, but no crazy burpees or intense jumping moves.

Overall, I liked the workout. It reminded me a bit of Core Fusion Energy Flow. It’s toning work with a yoga slant. As a fan of barre-esque classes, I think this a great addition to the Uplift schedule. A few friends that I’ve brought to uplift, felt like the strength and cardio classes were too intense, so this is the perfect solution. It’s a good workout, but it’s not a high impact, high sweat, balls-to-the-wall workout.

My favorite class is still Uplift Strength; I love how it absolutely kills me.  However, I’d take Sculpt Fusion on days where I needed an easier workout. I can see it being a great option once I start marathon training. I’ve never been able to successfully do lots of strength training and lots of running simultaneously.

For more Sculpt Fusion Reviews, check out Preppy Runner , WerkitinNYC , Jen’s Best Life  and Pawsitively Delightful  and Rate Your Burn.

Another awesome thing about Sculpt Fusion is that it’s almost always a blogger party–if you’re into that kind of thing.  Probably because bloggers love 6:30AM workouts so much :).

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