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Review – JetSetPilot – Book your Trip!

Posted Mar 20 2010 8:00am

We booked our honeymoon only about a month ago for several reasons.  At first we were indecisive about where we wanted to go.  Then we picked Italy.  Then we had to think about where we wanted to go in Italy.  I wanted to relax, but at the same time wanted to make sure we took advantage of being in Italy, where neither of us have been.  Initially my only stipulations that I be able to eat and drink the following for days on end:

I did a ton of research, and we decided we wanted to go to Capri for the majority of the trip and then end up with a few days in Rome.

We did some pricing online and looked at hotels and flights, but were quickly overwhelmed.  A guy Hoagie had graduated from high school with, Brian, had posted links on our Facebooks a while ago advertising some kind of travel  company, and somehow Hoagie thought of that and we checked out the link.

It turns out Brian had started a travel company called Jet Set Pilot .  Hoagie and Brian had a telephone call about the trip and layed out everything we wanted.  Brian said he would get back to us with pricing and options.

Maybe a day or two later we had a spreadsheet with a “nice” option, which would be 4 star accommodations, or a “really nice” option, which would be 5 star accommodations.  He included two hotel options for each price point as well.  Also layed out for us were flights, trains, and boat rides.  It couldn’t have been any clearer.

We decided we had to at least get pricing from another source to compare, so we contacted an Italian travel agency here in Chicago.  We waited over a week to hear back from them, and when we did their quote was $5,000 more than JetSetPilot’s.

This reinforced our decision to go with JetSetPilot, and after making sure we could afford it (!), we booked.

The day after Hoagie placed the call, we had itineraries and receipts in our inbox for the flights, hotel, and trains.  2 days later we received the actual train tickets in the mail.   We are more than happy so far with our experience with JetSetPilot, and would recommend their services to anyone.

I will have to do a follow up on this post when we return from our honeymoon, but I can’t see it being anything less than amazing.  I am counting the days until I am sitting at one of these little tables eating and drinking the above mentioned Italian delicacies.

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