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Revel Nightlife and Family&Friends

Posted Jan 14 2013 10:26am

Good Morning!

It’s Monday …. again. As always, the weekend came and went, but it sure was a good one!

I worked all day Friday and spent the night on the couch watching some tv before heading to bed on the early side. Saturday started bright and early with an 8 mile long run – the first of my training plan !

I ate a quick pre-run snack of 1/2 a bagel with a small amount of PB and strawberry jam. Since I was leaving later in the morning/early afternoon, I had to make sure I gave myself enough time to run, shower, pack, and get ready. Therefore, I had to head to the gym to use the treadmill since it was still rather dark and foggy outside when I wanted to start (yes, I’m a baby when it’s dark out – not embarrassed to admit it ;) ). I put on my playlist, focused on the news (that’s what was on the TVs), and trekked through the miles.

An hour and 10 minutes later, I was done with 8 miles and stretched out/foam rolled before heading home. Made an epic post-run meal, blogged, responded to a few e-mails, and started to get ready for the day.


IMG_5458 In the mix: 1/2 cup each of oats, water, and nonfat lactaid milk, 1/2 a banana, 1/2 tbsp chia seeds with lactaid cottage cheese and blueberries mixed in – topped with PB and a few carob chips – 1 egg on the side with coffee obv :)

My friends and I had plans to head to Atlantic City later in the morning, so I had to pack a bag and get ready so I didn’t hold anyone up.

We headed to Revel for the night to experience their nightlife for the first time. It. was. awesome. Highly recommend going if it’s something you’ve been wanting to do!

I have all of two pictures from the weekend since the camera stayed home. With our crazy schedules, it’s tough to get together, so we take advantage when we can :)

We arrived around 5pm after a 2 hour drive. Boy did it feel good to stand after that!

8 miles and a 2 hour car ride result in some really sore/stiff legs! Thank goodness we wanted to explore – a nice walk made them feel much better!


Later that night, Gee, Theresa and I headed down to get some dinner at the Luke’s Kitchen and Marketplace  , a quick place to get a good bite to eat.

We weren’t in the mood for anything too big, so Gee and I decided to split the sausage, pepper, and onion sandwich. I got the asian coleslaw on the side and Gee opted for the wedge fries. Everything was tasty and we thoroughly enjoyed our sandwich ;)

IMG_5467 This picture explains us to a “T” -  haha. Put food in front of us and we’re two happy campers :) YUM!

Afterwards, we headed back to the room to get ready for the night, met up with everyone else, and headed out to HQ for the rest of the night.

A shot of the girls before we headed to the dancing floor (where we stayed the ENTIRE night).

IMG_5468 A bit blurryoh well! Still love the picture of my best friends :)

We dance the night away (literally) to some great music and in the company of great friends! By the end of the night, my feet were in pain and I was never so happy to take my shoes off at the end of the night ;)

It never fails, ALWAYS a great time with GREAT friends :) Love them all <3

We headed home Sunday morning with a few stops along the way for breakfast and to drop one of the girls off. By the time I got home, I had about an hour to finish Mitch’s present before the sisters and their boys came over for a belated birthday celebration.

The evening consisted of great convos, laughs, and food. Although I was exhausted, there is never a dull moment when family and friends are involved ;)


Since this after noon and evening consist of ballroom dancing and teaching spin, I got to sleep in a bit this morning :)

I made myself a scrumptious breakfast of oat bran and a veggie/goat cheese scramble!

IMG_5477 It’s really the best way to start the day ;)

Now that I’m rested and fueled, I’m ready to start this day. I have a few errands to run this morning before ballroom dancing and spin. It’s time to get going!

Question: What’s your idea of a great weekend?!

Anytime I spend it with family and friends, whether it’s out and about or at home on the couch, constitutes for a fabulous weekend :)

Happy Monday!

~ L

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