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Return to Huldra’s Wood } Carine Thevenau Photography

Posted Mar 28 2013 1:55am

Hello Cohabitaire! I am a Sydney based photographer.
I am currently undertaking my Masters in Fine Art, majoring in Photomedia.

I originally studied Architecture as well as photography, but my passion is 100% photography.
I work as a photographer both commercially and also as an artist.
Photography is my career and my hobby.
I am represented by Network Agency within Australia.


My series “Return To Huldra’s Wood” is an exploration into old world Scandinavian
folk lore. Fairy tales of old, were often created to express human issues that people
found hard to discuss openly. They spoke of of the unknown, the wild,
of sexuality and of otherness.


The profile of a Huldra is said to be a Scandinavian forest dweller.
They are also known as Skogsrå (mainly in Sweden) and Ellefolk (Danish).


The Huldra are masked as stunningly beautiful young women,
who are said to seduce and enthrall men with their dance,
luring them into the thickets of bush to do unspeakable things to them.
Stories speak of men joining them in dance,
losing their sense of time and dancing themselves to death.


It is also said that fairy-rings of mushrooms grow where they have danced.
The Huldra represents temptation, betrayal, mystery and fear,
which are all still relevant to humans in modern times.


“Return To Huldra’s Wood” was shown at Edmund Pearce Gallery in Melbourne.

To purchase prints visit

To view more of my work visit



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