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Return of the Coffee Monster

Posted Jun 30 2010 11:36am

Hi friends! Happy Hump Day!!!! :D

I don’t know what’s gotten into me this week, but this bag of coffee has been calling my name for the past couple of mornings:

It think it’s because:

a) It’s a BOLD, Italian roast coffee– which is my favorite kind!

b) It was freshly ground at Starbucks this weekend (did you know they can grind it perfectly for CONE filters?) and smells divine just sitting in my kitchen

c) I’m already getting into “vacation mode” for this weekend– and coffee is usually a weekend/vacation splurge for me!

I’m not too worried about it, since coffee is the LEAST of the vices I’ve been battling. But, eventually, I would like to not crave it like I do! There’s just something about that rich, warm, aromatic drink that I can’t get enough of sometimes. It’s like comfort in a cup!! When drinking coffee, though, I am always careful to drink it BEFORE eating, and NOT after! According to what I’ve read, coffee is very acidic, and can acidify everything you’ve eaten if you drink it after a meal. So timing is everything!

The past couple of mornings, I had it first thing:

Along with a big glass of water to keep myself hydrated! (I also like to swish the water in my mouth after each sip of coffee to prevent teeth-staining!) Ever since whitening my teeth before my wedding last year, I’m more cautious of what stains my teeth!

Looking back at yesterday, I had another intense Insanity workout– Pure Cardio. I know I say this to myself almost every day, but I think this workout is the hardest of them all so far. During this workout, there are NO rest breaks! And it’s not like you’re just jogging in place– you’re doing jump squats, push-up jacks, jumping kicks, etc.  In short– there’s a LOT of jumping, and a LOT of squatting. Needless to say, I was a sweaty, exhausted mess by the end of this one. But there is NOTHING BETTER than being DONE with an Insanity workout!

My pre-workout fuel yesterday was a big salad, which I forgot to take a picture of until I was already half-way done eating it!

It was just my usual– mixed greens, cucumber, red peppers, cherry tomatoes, shredded raw goat cheddar, and some basic vinaigrette . Delicious!

And post-workout, I was REALLY looking forward to trying this:

Strawberry-flavored goats milk yogurt! These have been on sale at Whole Foods lately (which is why you’ve seen it so much on my blog the past week!), but they finally ran out of the vanilla flavor! I decided to try the Strawberry version for a change, since I can’t seem to get enough of this stuff! It is definitely an all-natural yogurt, meaning you have to STIR IT in order to mix up all the strawberry flavor:

I was very pleased with the taste! At first, it was almost too-sweet for me, but then it became a sort-of afternoon dessert. I bet this would taste GREAT as a frozen yogurt! When I get back from my trips, I may have to break out the ice-cream maker and give it a whirl. ;)

The ingredient list isn’t too shabby either:

I still prefer the vanilla version for a regular basis, but this was an awesome treat! Yasha was BEGGING for a taste, too– so I let her lick the container when I was done.

I love how determined she is to not miss a drop– she just shoves her face in there! Ha ha. :D

Last night, I was having one of those nights where all I wanted was DESSERT for dinner! Luckily, I knew I could make that happen. I prepared my husband’s dinner first:

Roasted veggies (broccoli, asparagus, and butternut squash) along with a heaping pile of brown rice– easiest dinner EVER to make! (And yes, he has a slight obsession with the 1992 Dream Team, and loves to drink out of his collector cups each night!)

Then I got to work on my dinner:

Don’t be fooled by it’s green color! This tasted just like ice-cold chocolate milk!! I blended almost a FULL bag of spinach (gotta get those greens!) with 1 cup of almond milk, then added a frozen banana, 2 heaping tablespoons of cocoa, and a handful of ice cubes. Then I simply let my Vita-mix do it’s thing! It pulverized it into a silky-smooth drink that seriously tasted JUST like chocolate milk. I was in heaven– and got a hefty dose of greens to boot!

I kept my smoothie simple for food-combining reasons. I knew I wanted to indulge in some Cinnamon-Raisin Macaroons later!

My husband and I are both crazy for these guys:

Holy deliciousness. These rock my world.

We did an experiment last night– trying to figure out if we like these better frozen or at room-temperature. I sat four of them out on a plate to thaw for 30-minutes, then we had a sampler platter– two frozen and two at room-temperature. I definitely preferred the room-temperature ones better! They are soft and moist, and you can taste every flavor! But my husband preferred them frozen! (We both really enjoy eating traditional cookies frozen– there’s just something about it!)

I also have a little trick when I make treats like this (traditional or raw versions):

I make each (cookie/macaroon/you-name-it) HALF the size the recipe calls for!

If it calls for dropping the dough by rounded tablespoons, I will use a half-tablespoon instead. That way I get to eat MORE of them, for the same amount of calories! I am NOT one of those girls who is satisfied by ONE cookie. No way. I need to eat AT LEAST two, if not more! By making my treats smaller, it’s a nice little mind-trick– I get to eat more and feel like I’m REALLY indulging! Who doesn’t want to eat FOUR macaroons instead of TWO? Hence, why my husband and I ate FOUR of them last night! ;)

They were so good, I could have eaten more than four… but I stopped myself. I’ve realized that I can’t have treats like that sitting around my house very often! Even though they’re totally raw and pretty healthy, I think about them sitting in my freezer all day long! I want them at every meal! So, I’ve been trying to give them away to friends, so I have less of them around to tempt me. I gave a bag away on Monday night, and another bag last night. When you make them smaller, you have bunches to give away to friends! Now, our stash is looking much more manageable, and not quite as tempting– I have a feeling we’ll probably polish them off before we leave for our trip on Friday!

Speaking of our trip, I finally got my car back yesterday and was able to stock-up on some camping snacks for this weekend:

A variety of Larabars Cherry pie, Apple pie, Cashew Cookie– and a Peanut Butter cookie bar for my husband. (the peanut ones don’t do it for me)

Snack-sized bags of raw almonds.

And, of course, dark chocolate!!! I love the travel tin– perfect for camping!!

We’ll be stopping at a grocery store for supplies once we get to Colorado, so I’ll pick up some fresh produce there! I’m ready to GOOOOO!

Hope you’re all having a great day!! :D

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