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Rethinking Diet Resolutions

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:41pm

Having trouble with that New Year's resolution to go on a diet? If so, don't beat yourself up. The problem may not be your willpower, but how you're thinking about weight and health.

Francie Berg, a nutritionist who runs an organization called the Healthy Weight Network , gives these 10 reasons not to go on a diet:

1. Diets don't work.

2. Dieting can cause lasting injury and death.

3. Dieting disrupts normal body processes.

4. Dieting causes weight cycling (yo-yoing up and down). BLOG PICTURE.jpg

5. Dieters often feel tired, lightheaded, and have difficulty concentrating.

6. Dieting leads to binge eating, disordered and chaotic eating.

7. Dieting is the primary precursor to eating disorders.

8. Dieting causes food preoccupation.

9. Dieting diminishes women, and increasingly men and children.

10. Dieters put their lives on hold, "waiting to be thin."

Instead of fixating on weight, Berg advises focusing on healthful living. That includes:

• Be active every day, your way. (Check these tips and guidelines.)

• Take time to care for yourself.

• Tailor your taste to foods that are moderate in fat, sugars, and salt.

• Listen to your body; tune in to inner signals of hunger and fullness.

• Make peace with your genetic blueprint.

Though this method won't melt away pounds immediately, it can reduce the harms associated with obesity. And you'll increase your sense of well-being.

So get off the couch and stay off the scale. And have a healthy, happy year.

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