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Restore Your Youthful Looks with Face Lift Surgery

Posted Mar 15 2012 6:30am
As you reach your mid-thirties or forties, you begin to notice changes in your facial appearance that make you look old and ‘tired’. The skin in the lower part of the face and neck loses its elasticity and starts to sag, resulting in lines and folds. However, the good news is that, if you are in good health, these effects can be reversed. An experienced plastic surgeon can help you restore your youthful looks with face lift surgery or a rhytidectomy.  

How a Face Lift Can Reduce Signs of Aging

As you age, the loss of collagen and soft tissues cause folds and wrinkles, resulting in the formation of jowls, loose folds of skin in the neck, loss of fullness in the area of the cheekbones, and deepening of the creases running from the nose to the mouth. All these effects of gravity and heredity are accelerated by external factors such as excess sun exposure, weight changes, pollution, alcohol, smoking, and stress.

Depending on your specific issues you can choose from a variety of procedures such as a mini facelift, skin-only lift, dual plane lift, composite lift, lower face lift, midfacial lift or subperiosteal lift.

A facelift helps to remove excess skin and fat skin, tighten muscles, redistribute facial fat and skin, and elevate the facial muscular tissues. It helps you look more youthful by improving issues such as
•    Mid-face sagging
•    Deep creases under the lower eyelids
•    Lines running from the nose to the mouth
•    Fallen or displaced fat
•    Jowls which are caused by loss of muscle tone in the lower part of the face
•    Loose skin and excess fat under the jaw and chin resulting in a double chin

Not an Answer to Aging

It is important to remember that these cosmetic surgery procedures for the face are not an answer to aging and also will not change your basic looks. Your face will continue to age, though a face lift can help to set back the aging process by several years. The aim of the surgery is to rejuvenate your face and make you look younger and fresher. In the hands of an expert, you can expect the results to last long. Sometimes, procedures such as a brow lift, eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty or nose surgery are recommended to improve your looks.

An Experienced Plastic Surgeon for Optimal Results

As with all aesthetic surgery, only the right surgeon can offer the best results to help you restore your youthful looks with face lift surgery. Find an experienced surgeon with the right qualifications, board certification and performs the procedure in an AAAASF-accredited surgical center. Make sure your surgeon listens to your expectations and has the artistic skill to ensure an individualized and optimal outcome.  
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