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Rest, Run, Yoga Repeat

Posted Feb 11 2012 5:15pm

Happy Saturday! The weekend has finally arrived and so far it is working out to be exactly what I wanted: lots of friends, lots of exercise, and lots of rest.

Yesterday was a rest day on my workout schedule which meant that I was able to sleep until 7:30 which is the perfect way to kick off the weekend if you ask me! After a long day, Bo nor I were in the mood to go out so instead we caught up on our DVR shows, popped open a bottle of Hob Nob Pinot Noir, and used my swag from Wednesday’s Electrolux event to make dinner.

014 Clearly I was excited for dinner at home made from quality products from one of our favorite New York boutique grocer, Dean & Deluca.  Paired with Beecher’s ricotta, this was a perfect meal which was done in minutes.


019 This morning Bo and I woke up around 8 to meet the birthday girl for a ten mile run. This was Bo’s first double digit run back from injury and therefore we promised to stick together since he knew he’d be tempted to push his speed which could result in more injury.

In honor of Theodora’s birthday, I took a picture of my pre-run breakfast in the banana phone pose. Don’t worry, there was no calling it in on this run.

001 My morning run partners are both far faster than I am and therefore I assumed they would end up running together while I followed a few paces behind. But, as we started running and the conversation flowed easily, I decided that I’d make it my goal to stick with them for as long as possible. This worked well when I at Mohegan Sun and figured this type of run mentality will get me more comfortable when running with faster people.  006 003 I’m not sure whether it was the falling snow, the surprisingly packed Central Park paths, or running into our favorite short clad speed demon but for one reason or another, this was my fasted double digit run ever! There is nothing like a 9:44 pace to make me realize that I have five more weeks to kick my butt before the half. I know I need to make sure I up the ante on my weekday runs just like I’m doing on my long runs.

photo 4.JPG

Bo and Theodora even pushed me to run the full Central Park loop instead of taking the easy way out and doing one lower loop and a reservoir loop. Right now my legs hate them, but hopefully I’ll thank them on March 17th when I the National Half Marathon’s hills feel like nothing! image I was soaked to the bone by the time I got home and craved nothing more than a warm shower and comfy clothes. Unfortunately for me, my schedule had other plans. Have I told you how bad I am at making sure I have enough down time? My mom could write a dissertation on the way I overscheduled myself. Oh well.

I had a yoga date with the lovely Kristin McGee whom I met at last week’s Target event. (Photo via Fitbottomed Girls )

kristin mcgee

After our brief conversation at the event, she invited me to join her at any of the numerous studios where she teaches. I’m not one to turn down an offer like this, especially when it combines yoga with a new studio I’ve yet to visit.

This morning she was leading the 11:30 Vinyasa yoga class at Clay , a boutique gym located near Union Square. This gym really is the most Zen like gym I’ve ever visited.


Does your gym have a fireplace and relaxing reading area complete with newspaper subscriptions and cafe that serves smoothies made with your choice of coconut water, almond milk, and more!



The yoga class itself was amazing and exactly what my  body needed. The class only had eight people which meant that Kristin was able to adjust us throughout class and ensure that we had proper position. She knew that I was a runner and therefore focused my adjustments around the hip openers.

009 I’m hoping to visit CLAY more in the future so I can provide a proper review but from this one taste, I’m definitely hooked and very interested to visit more of their classes and their spa!

Now it’s time to relax a bit before going out with friends for an evening of birthday fun.

Happy Saturday!       

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