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Resolving not to Resolve

Posted Dec 31 2010 12:37am

It snowed big time on the East Coast Sunday night. My parents measured 22 inches of snow, but some parts of the tri-state area were estimating up to 4 feet of snow due to drift. I’m back in Brooklyn and haven’t left the couch thanks to a serious sinus infection, which took me days to get an antibiotic for since all the nearby Dr.’s offices were closed. Not to mention, the nearby subway lines were all suspended until yesterday.

How was everyone’s holiday? I miss Christmas already, but New Year’s Eve is TOMORROW. I know there are going to be a lot of big changes and busy times ahead in January. 2010 brought some great surprises and challenges. I became a wellness coach, moved into an apartment in Brooklyn with my boyfriend and vowed never to chew gum again.

This year, I’m not making a resolution and neither should you. Instead, I made a list of goals, some big, some small, some silly and some serious, some are even a Mark and Erika joint effort. With these goals, there is no hard and fast rule, I have a whole year to work on improving myself inside and out.

So here goes, my 2011 goals. Feel free to borrow or steal any of these for your own lists.

1. Use our cookbooks more. The internet is fabulous for endless, endless recipe ideas and inspiration. But how quickly I forget the stacks of beautifully printed cookbooks just waiting to be cracked and eaten.

2. Make more lunches. This one is more for Mark, but I know when I get busy I slip out of the habit. Cheaper, healthier, better.

3. Beat my half-marathon time. Last year, with little focus, I clocked in the NJ Half Marathon at 2 hours and 20 minutes, which was a big deal because my goal was 2 hours and I thought that was a long shot. It’s not that I wasn’t into the race, I just hadn’t properly trained. But this time – LOOK OUT!

4. Attempt 300 days of fitness. I’m challenging myself to 300 days of fitness, but hopefully will clock in more.

5. Attract more blog readers. I’ve loved watching this blog change and grow, but without readers like you it can’t thrive as much as its potential. I hope the new year brings interesting posts that attract new readers and keep the old. Is there something you’d like to see on here? Leave me a comment.

6. Attract more health coaching clients. I love the work I have been doing with my clients so far and only hope my practice continues to grow. This is one of my passions. Helping others with their health and wellness goals is so rewarding. This year will also bring more webinars and speaking engagements. Interested in doing a FREE initial consult with me? Click here .

7. Finally get around to finishing my vision board.

8. Save money. This one is always tricky, but my bills have increased with the new apartment. Sometimes I catch myself frivolously spending, but this year it is my intention to make every purchase a worthy one.

9. Floss everyday.

10. Spend more time offline with friends. I love social media. I love this blog. And yes, I will admit to loving Facebook. But, with all this time spent plugged in, it means less time for face to face with friends and less actual laughing out loud.

11. Do more yoga.

12. Organize. I’m known as a bit of clutter kitten. I like to save pieces of everything just for the memory, but overtime things have piled up in my closet and drawers. And my make-up case? That’s a whole ‘nother mess. Ironically, being unorganized drives me nuts.

13. Be a harder working professional, including more networking.

14. Go on an adventure. Mark and I are already brainstorming. We are thinking backpacking.

15. Think less, dive more. Stop overthinking and just do it.

16. Get more sleep. I’m aiming for 8 hours on most nights.

17. Continuing building the “Kick Ass Recipes” book. One day, some daughter/son/sister somewhere will thank us.

18. Improve my photography skills. This goes along with my want to attract new readers and improve my blog. My photos are a source of frustration for me, especially living with a pro photographer. I know good content is important, but pretty visuals are always a plus.

19. Do more for the animals and the environment. Do as much as it takes.

20. Never forget to love and be grateful for those you love. Say thank you to those you love, everyday.

So 20 things might seem like a long list, but these are all achievable, attainable goals.

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